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Image for TYPER GIRL

May 23, 2022





Enemies will continue to appear from the right side of the screen. All enemies will have a word above their heads, and you need to use the keyboard to type the correct letter to kill them before they reach the edge of the screen.


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Image for Maid PizzaHub

In the PizzaHub you will try any pizza for every taste. Spicy, sweet or maybe both? Come to our pizzeria!

Image for What if your girl was a frog?

There was a frog. She was cheerfully croaking on her lake. However, she was not a simple frog, but magic. And so she got a lonely boy. She used her magic and started her adventures.

Image for Witch Story

In a kingdom, there is a witch who lives off the beaten track. She is busy with alchemy, potion-making, fortune-telling ,frightening people and other magic..They say she has already lived for a few centuries here. The local lord is fed up with such neighbourhood...

Image for Neko Maid

Every neko girl loves cleanliness, wants to clean and take care of a master. And every certain maid has a secret — someone loves to be photographed in the master's mirror, the other loves to escape to the beach during a coffee break ...

Image for Hot And Lovely 5

A very interesting puzzle game. You need to remember the different pictures by flipping the cards, and find the same pictures to eliminate.

Image for My Bunny Girl

One day a lonely guy finds an amulet and puts it on his pet. His rabbit is transformed into a beautiful girl. He is embarrassed and does not even know what to say, but for the beauty girl he is not a stranger, because he is her master!

Image for Bunny Girl Story

The girl works in the Bunny Club. She loves to sing songs and dance. But she is alone. However one day there is an opportunity to change everything.

Image for Sakura Mirror

Sakura adores her reflection in the mirror! She admires her beauty and tenderness in the mirror. She takes care of herself for hours in front of the mirror and she applies make-up.

Image for Succubus Girl Story

You most want to summon the ✟ Succubus Girl ✟. She rules the underworld. You inadvertently performed the ritual and called her to your home. What will you do with an angry beast? ψ( ` ∇ ´ )ψ

Image for Miss Kawaii

Surrounded by many beautiful girls, a mind-blowing, sexy journey has started. Relax, clear your mind and enjoy.

Image for Fairy Girl

Every forest needs care. Caring for such an ancient forest is especially important. A fairy takes care of this forest, living in it in peace and harmony.

Image for 混世萌王喵霸霸 Cute Chaos Demon Nyanbaba

The super cute villain Nyanbaba is back again! This time, meow bully invaded 10 new scenes, found all the strange hidden points and cracked the magic of cat ear Nyanbaba! Contains jump out shock (cute)! And super cute Chinese dubbing! More scenes, more voice, more joy!

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