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May 26, 2022





Game Features: - Hardcore - Pixel Art - Atmosphere


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Somewhere in the third dimension there lives an alien Joe. He can't sit still. He constantly travels and explores the world and galaxies. This time he came across a new planet.

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"Super Arkanoid" is a relatively relaxing casual game. The player controls a horizontal board to block the falling ball.

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- Difficulty is an integral part of the game - Pixel art drawing style - Music will not make you bored

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Cowboys Showdown is a platforming shooter with waves of enemies, bounty hunters and high-ranking criminals who will be well paid to kill. Boxes with bonuses and the ability to buy new weapons will help you in your hard work. Game Features: - hardcore - Pleasant musical accompaniment -Pixel Art


In 2527 in a dystopian world, Jake, an engineer and bounty hunter, travels to the far reaches of the universe through a wormhole. With the help of his friend Roy, Jake's goal is to exterminate the replicator robots that threaten the Confederate planets.

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The player controls a platform that can be moved from one wall to another by placing it under the ball, preventing it from falling.

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The Defaloon - this is a single-player game made in an abstract 2.5-day schedule. The essence of the gameplay is to clear the level of enemies with a large number of different weapons, such as magic or spells.

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A game about a helicopter plowing through the open spaces, the land scorched by the sun. With addictive gameplay and auto-generated levels, the goal of the game is to fly as much as possible.

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You are a psychic named Marilyn.The police contacted you to help find the missing girl.You are the only one who can help them.

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Game Features: - Beautiful Pixel Art - Dynamic Music - 30 levels - Hardcore

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Go back in time and experience, “The Fabulous Fifties”, in a game that recalls scenarios, vehicles andstreet races of the legendary 50´s films. Customize your car and compete in 8 different race modes, through five completely different 50´s themed areas and become the King of the Road.

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Cursed Dungeon is an excellent 2D rpg with hardcore elements, in which you need to resist the ancient evil and try to get out of the cursed dungeons.

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