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Image for Extra Case: My Girlfriend's Secrets
Extra Case: My Girlfriend's Secrets

Sep 12, 2022


Sounding Stone / 老奉毊, MaouCat Studio / 魔王貓工作室


Sounding Stone / 老奉毊, RMAsia

Your girlfriend seems to be hiding something. Will you respect her privacy or pry into her secrets? Don't worry, though. This is a horror dating sim with a time loop, so you can try again...and again...and again...


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Image for Case 03: True Cannibal Boy

A horror mystery adventure game with ghost story elements. Anxiety plagues college student Lily, whose crush Sally has gone missing. As Lily explores the truth, Sally's boyfriend starts to look increasingly suspicious. Even worse, the story of the Cannibal Boy seems to be involved somehow...

Demo available Store
Image for Physical Exorcism: Case 01

When the two exorcists, Brucie and Jade, were starving to death, a high school student named Lucy was kind enough to share food with them and hire them to protect her friend from an evil spirit. However, it turns out that the spirit has an unusual past.

Image for Case 02: Paranormal Evil

A survival horror puzzle RPG. Roll your dice to perform checks for elements such as Willpower or Firepower, and save a girl in a hospital full of evil spirits and zombies.

Image for Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum

Delve into the enthralling world of Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum, the acclaimed RPG Maker gothic horror game that'll take you on a moving journey of self-discovery.

Demo available Store
Image for Hero King Quest: Peacemaker Prologue

A short "classic" JRPG. Play the role of the Dark Lord's sister, slay the Hero King, and take the first step in conquering humankind.

Image for Red Line

Moving into a shabby apartment, a saturnine girl with hidden secrets finds a notebook that allows her to communicate with another world. A thrilling adventure taking place across multiple timelines ensues.

Demo available Store
Image for The Forest of Drizzling Rain

Alas, it was the "promised place," where Shiori was never meant to go. Finally, a remake of The Forest of Drizzling Rain, that masterpiece of an exploration horror game with multiple endings from the creator of the big hit Angels of Death!

Image for 精神病大王花 Flowering Abyss

话题作《精神病大王花》重制作品。 追求精神病少女们的恋爱游戏,你能活到最后吗?

Image for Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy is a half-hour visual novel partly based on a true story, written by a writer with a background in psychology. It is a psychological horror story with an urban legend theme.

Image for The Circus

On one continent, a special group of individuals exists. Although their appearance is no different from mankind beings, but their bodies contain great power. They are entrusted with a divine destiny and can only be freed after passing a trial.

Image for Yes My Lord

The protagonist was once a famous genius, but now he is poor. One day, he woke up drunk and found himself in an underground cemetery with demons wandering around. The mysterious girl "Foxy" who met in the cemetery taught him the necromancer magic.

Image for Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling

A short psychological adventure about a stressed girl who wants to explore her ceiling.

Demo available Store
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