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Heart of Battle

Aug 18, 2022


Heart's Choice


Heart's Choice

Battle for love as a gladiator in this epic romance of swords and sandals! Win glory, victory, a better life, your freedom - and spark a revolution!


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Image for The Passenger

Your eldritch existence is threatened when another abomination tries to feast on you. You flee, trapping yourself in human flesh, but will that be enough?

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Image for The Golden Rose: Book One

Explore an alternative medieval Europe in this low-fantasy epic adventure! How far are you willing to go to take back your stolen treasure?

Demo available Store
Image for A Mage Reborn

Walk the path of a legendary mage, combining four different schools of magic to devastating effects.

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Image for Blood Moon

You’re a werewolf. You’re in a city, infested with witches, hunters, ghosts, and vampires. That’s how this story starts. You decide how it ends.

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Image for I, the Forgotten One

To defeat the rebel knights and stabilize the crown, you must journey through the most dangerous realm in the kingdom--your own wretched past.

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Image for The Sword of Rhivenia

Are you worthy of the throne? Or do your siblings deserve it more than you do? What kind of heir will you be?

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Image for Royal Affairs

At your exclusive boarding school, will you rule the roost or be a royal disaster? Court publicity, sway the fate of nations, and find love!

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Image for Fallen Hero: Retribution

So you're a villain now? Let's see if you survive the experience.

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Image for The Fernweh Saga: Book One

Expose the dark secrets and mysteries of your seemingly idyllic hometown in this romantic thriller! Will you fall in love or fall victim to its horrors?

Demo available Store
Image for Stars Arisen

Will you rise to the heavens when you wield the magic of fallen stars? Call lightning, ride the wind, and raise the dead in this fantasy epic!

Demo available Store
Image for Siege of Treboulain

Defend your magical city from an enemy army in an epic fantasy game of swordfights, political maneuvering, and romance! Will you prove worthy of your crown?

Demo available Store
Image for Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought. Or maybe it's better to keep them closed. Seems the supernatural didn’t get the memo that nothing exciting ever happens in the little town of Wayhaven.

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