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Image for Minion Raid: Epic Monsters
Minion Raid: Epic Monsters

Aug 8, 2022




upjers GmbH

Conquer a dungeon as a minion trainer - become the hero of the arena!


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Image for Temperia: Soul of Majestic

Temperia: Soul of Majestic is strategic competitive online card game. Quick, strategic and totally open-handed, every match is different from others thanks to the abilities of the creatures, the equipment, the powers and the elemental spaces presented in the board.

Image for FLASHOUT 3

FLASHOUT IS BACK! Where high speed meets high stakes. Where unforgiving combat, loud electronic music and addictive boosts of adrenaline mix up to separate winners from losers. Where gravitation is nothing more than an empty word. Take part in an exciting, head-to-head fight to the finish!

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Image for Stay Out

Stay Out - is a MMORPG with shooter elements, based on spirit of “stalking” - an urban exploration, searching and exploring mysterious, abandoned and forgotten by humanity pieces of our planet.

Image for Feudal Friends

Produce your soldiers, Improve your equipment, Battle and Win in a chaotic castle! Build your team for 1-4 Online Co-op and PVE mode options! Determine your strategy with over 40 Rune options and be the first to destroy the opposing tower.

Image for 花妖物语/Flower girl

" Flower Girl " is a "Sexy Flower Elf+ Flower Match-3 game + GALGAME" combination of casual games. You will play a mission as a "Royal Spirit Master". In order to save your lover, you will go to the legendary land of flower elf, and encounter all kinds of flower elf on the way......

Image for Mambo Wave

Mambo Wave — a 2D Platform Shooter which takes place somewhere in Spain in the 90's. Your mission is simple: to advance behind enemy lines, destroying them all with the help of a cool and varied arsenal.

Image for Powerful Courses

A good game for learning and self-development. Here you will find a lot of interesting and useful things.

Image for Punk Wars: Prologue

Our civilization has fallen. From the ashes, four new powers emerge. Immerse yourself in a combat-heavy twist on a classic turn-based 4X strategy where steam, steel, atom and diesel-punk corporations clash to spread their technology and the way of life.

Image for Torchlight: Infinite

The fate of Ember Technology is in your hands. With abounding hero build possibilities, dive into an epic journey with endless loot, adrenaline-pumping fights & new seasonal contents.

Image for Wrath of Anna

You've been stranded on Empress Anna's remote planet of Drumgore during the Cross-Planetary War of 2021. How long can you survive?

Image for 末日战姬-二次元.策略.卡牌.游戏


Image for 愤怒的兔子


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