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Easter Bunny

Apr 5, 2022


Cow Games


Cow Games

Easter Bunny is a 2D top-down stealth action game about an Easter bunny hiding Easter eggs.


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Image for Through the Kill Screen

Through the Kill Screen, an Adventure-RPG about 1980s kids discovering what slumbers beyond the final levels of their favourite computer games. Drink a Slushie, win a Thumb War and save Snoring Town from a sinister conspiracy.

Image for Line Path

A mind-bending puzzle game about filling all in one line Relax and enjoy

Image for Zombie Slaughter VR

The world is in danger. Make your way to the evacuation center, take part in the great battle for survival, and discover the cause of the invade!

Image for Skullnight

Skeletons, dolphins and neon - that's what awaits you in the 2D indie arcade Skullnight! You will find a lot of puzzles and mini-games that will test the strength of your and your abilities!

Image for The God

Feel the power of god and create your dream world in a beautiful low-poly style. Share your creations with your friends and enjoy.

Image for Building destruction

Building destruction - an exciting physical game aimed at destroying buildings and various structures.

Image for Nazi Furry

Nazi Furry will wonder you with animations of hot unusual characters after every successfully passed level. You need to show up your logic in interesting puzzle game to enjoy everything what furry girls prepared for you!ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER AGE OF 18

Image for Industrial Trouble

Industrial trouble - In this adventure platformer, you take on the role of a mysterious wanderer who travels between worlds, trying to find a portal to his dimension.

Image for Dofamine

You must explore the labyrinth of riddles and investigate the apocalyptic event at the research facility following the experiments with the Higgs boson, or “the God particle”.

Image for Curtain Call

"Curtain Call" is a visual novel about (literally) breaking through social masks by forming meaningful connections with incredibly deep personalities. Whether you’re looking to make new friends or something more, there’s a whole cast of characters just dying to meet you!


TINY ISLANDS is a low poly Point&Click game where you have to find all the ancient artifacts in beautiful worlds.

Image for CrushBorgs

"Run and Gun" oldschool single-player platformer with NES aesthetics, including an authentic 8-bit chiptune.

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