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Nov 11, 2022


Happy Max


Happy Max

This is a combination of third-person and first-person shooter game. As a warrior, you should break through seven stages to rescue Valkyries from demonic control.


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Image for Apostle: Rebellion

A sci-fi, turn-based RPG. Humanity has reached a point where the majority of people opt to become cyborgs called Roids. However, social inequality is once again at a breaking point.

Image for Karryn's Prison

Control the confident, sexy Karryn as she becomes the new Chief Warden in the notorious all-male prison in this RPG. Go manage the prison and its inmates, but can you also manage Karryn's ever rising desires? Experience the true adult game that fully marries adult elements into all gameplay!

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Image for Indecent Desires

“Indecent Desires” is a very adult +18 intrigue/drama interactive game in the mould of something like the TV-series “Dallas” or “Dynasty”, with a bit of “Beverly Hills 902010” thrown into the mix (“Indecent Desires” really does feel and look like the naughty +18 lewd version of those TV-series).

Image for Senpai and the Mysterious Dungeon

To save the kidnapped senpai and also the beloved one, Fulla decides to challenge the dungeon on the island inhabited by demons. This is a traditional 2D roguelike RPG. Every time you enter the dungeon, the layout will change! Use various skills and equipment to save your senpai!!

Image for Claris the Princess Knight

《Claris the Princess Knight》 is a cute style RPG game. Claris is the best mage and swordsman in the kingdom. One day, she is possessed by the robber who killed her. His mission is to manipulate and kill her, till she has fallen. Knight Claris’s fate is depending on you !

Image for Castaway of the Ardusta Sea

Going on another solo adventure, Aisha sets off by ship. Unfortunately, a sudden storm and the incursion of a giant sea monster hinders her path. Through the turmoil, she is thrown overboard and wakes up on an unknown island. Aisha must find her way home and survive the pirates and monsters that lurk both above ground and in the deep.

Image for Emma - In the Library

You find yourself in a rundown public library where you meet an interesting woman with sexual appetites!


A little master lived happily with his maids. But what bothered him was that the maids were too naive and simple. One day, he received a letter from his father. He thought he could solve the current problem... But unexpectedly, another succubus maid came. Will he still be a good boy or...?

Image for Tower of Ardia

Relia challenges the dungeon tower of Ardia in hopes of finding a cure for her sister's weakened body. However, the tower is cursed with the witch Ardia's powers, and it will be no simple feat for Relia to conquer the spire and attain the wish-granting magic to save her sister.

Image for The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest

One day, Shoichi heard the call from a mysterious goddess. "Please come and take down the devil!" Although it sounds like a template, he still came to the "demon world". After meeting the two princesses and the king, he was made to make an "ultimate choice", and the legend of this young man began.

Image for Lust&Magic -Chisalla in a Flower Basket-

This is a story about a traveler and a girl born in the iron age. Machinery and steam technology have changed people's lives, but also, this was an era of hope, that "magic" is recognized as "Curse". The story of the "Iron Age" has begun——


All characters in this game are over 18 years old.

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