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May 31, 2022


Ferulox Studios


Ferulox Studios

Tribute to the arcade games of the early eighties (Popeye, Donkey Kong..). 1 or 2 players. Great difficulty and addiction as in the games of the past, but with a control more in line with current times. Help Sir Redhood and Sir Greenstone rescue the princess from the clutches of Kongeer.


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Image for Star Tank

Star Tank is a shmup with eighties aesthetics, a mixture of styles (Galaga-Operation Wolf). A difficult game that requires great control skills. 20 stages. 5 bosses. Various enemies. Become an expert pilot of a StarTank!!!!

Demo available Store
Image for Adventure Bit

Jump, run, steal, fight, catch, and solve puzzles in this minimal-style adventure inspired by the golden age of the Japanese computer MSX!

Image for Skatemasta Tcheco

Tcheco is back! Be prepared to survive even crazier stages! Smash, pulverize and destroy - but never lose your gorgeous smile.

Demo available Store
Image for Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio is an exciting, fast-paced action game.Help Tcheco the Adventure Boy to leave a mysterious castle full of deadly creatures! Be ready for a big challenge, full of nonsense humor and retro goodness.

Image for Polyroll

Explore branching levels, fight quirky bosses, and save the day in this retro platformer inspired by the classics!

Image for Miles & Kilo

Race across a curious island in this fast-paced, light-hearted platformer

Image for Venture Kid

A 8-bit retro action platformer that goes beyond just pixels and chiptunes

Image for ORCS

ORCS is an action/platformer 2D old school inspirated by classic like Castlevania and Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Image for ROBO OH

FC-style robots fighting game!

Image for Dragon Climax

A retro action martial arts game inspired by classics, like Kung Fu Master and Shinobi with modern elements!

Image for Abduction Bit

Abduction Bit is a NES-like arcade based on elements of some timeless classics from 80's (Bubble Bobble, Ice Climber, Mario Bros).

Image for Corgi Warlock

Corgi Warlock is a 1-4 player side-scrolling fantasy action game, where one brave Corgi will take on the Skeleton Bunny King's army! Against the power of Narwhals, Fencing Bears, and Crazed Unicorns, it takes more than your average Corgi to survive the King's onslaught... it takes a CORGI WARLOCK.

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