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Aug 19, 2022


Gwyn Dev


Gwyn Dev

Spelldash is a hardcore FPS speedrunning game where you kill enemies mid-air to reset your double jump and dash to traverse the levels in your unique way


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Image for Penny’s Big Breakaway

Ready. Set. YO! - Join Penny & Yo-Yo in a kinetic 3D-platformer bursting with innovative gameplay! Showcase your catalog of tricks and chain impressive combos to deliver Penny & Yo-Yo's perfect breakout performance. Take the stage with this vibrant pair in Penny’s Big Breakaway.

Image for Windowkill

Windowkill is a twin-stick shooter, but the game window itself is constantly closing in on you. Shoot the window edges to push it around your screen as you fight and dodge enemies and bosses in their own windows.

Image for Hell of an Office

Hell of an Office is a first-person precision 3D platform game that mixes parkour and speedrun to escape from HellO, the most hellish offices in the (under)world! Be quick and use your stapler to rocketjump and dash. Can you escape before the lava reaches you?

Image for EndCycle VS

EndCycle VS is a grid-battle adventure that challenges you to create the ultimate deck. Battle against the oncoming Noise or prove yourself in epic online battles - now with ROLLBACK NETCODE!

Image for The Last Cube

Cube puzzler and an epic adventure. Stamp stickers to the sides of your cube to imbue each surface with unique powers, which are vital to solving puzzles and finding secrets.

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Image for Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is a building game of brutal expression and conquest. Unleash your inner evil genius in co-op or single-player to build the ultimate fortress of devious deathtraps, or take on those built by others in a high-stakes heist to steal resources essential for your survival.

Image for The Basement Collection

A collection of 9 award winning indie games from the creator of "Binding of isaac" and "Super Meat Boy"!

Image for Neodash

Drift at full speed across gaps, traps, and neon-drenched environments that react to a captivating soundtrack. Build and play community-made tracks, or dive straight into a spectacular campaign.

Image for Shiner

Learn every attack that gets used against you in this turn-based strategy game. Meet (and battle) a colorful cast of fully voice-acted characters as you search for the bully who wronged you.

Image for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Hunted by mercenaries of an enemy with untold power, the fighter Pseudo and the creature under his protection begin a perilous quest to the edges of strange lands.

Image for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 lets you duke it out with the biggest and best fighting character roster yet! Choose your favorite brawlers, master their unique move sets, and use all-new powerful Supers to land the finishing blow with friends or across a unique, roguelike player campaign!

Image for Magicube

A magical puzzle platformer made with PICO-8. Be thinky to get the legendary treasure.

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