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Looping Bravery

Sep 28, 2022


Purisic Games


Purisic Games

Looping Bravery is a roguelike deckbuilder with time manipulation mechanics. Create your own playstyle by combining two weapon decks an offensive and defensive one with over two hundred cards to pick from as well as item combinations. Fight in the past and save our future.


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Image for Wildfrost

Take on the elements in Wildfrost, a tactical roguelike deckbuilder! Journey across a frozen tundra, collecting cards strong enough to banish the eternal winter…

Image for Relapse

A 3D deck building roguelike game. Collect over 240 abilities; level them up, enchant them, pair them up with over 100 trinkets, and synergize them with your companions' abilities to create endless combinations to defeat your foes.

Demo available Store
Image for Vault of the Void

Vault of the Void is a fast-paced roguelike deckbuilder where the power is in your hands. Continuously customise your deck, crafting powerful combos and ingenious strategies. Upgrade your cards with Void Stones, infusing them with new abilities to help defeat the minions of The Void!

Demo available Store
Image for Vivid Knight

"Vivid Knight" is a "party-building roguelike" game in which you collect friends who have been turned into jewels and fight by combining their abilities! Explore the ever-changing dungeon and harness the gems you have gathered to challenge the labyrinth!

Image for SpellRogue

SpellRogue is a turn-based, deckbuilding roguelike where you cast powerful spells using your Mana Dice, gain legendary artifacts, upgrade your spells and experiment with potent combinations to annihilate the Voidwalkers corrupting the world.

Image for Touhou: Lost Branch of Legend

Welcome to Eientei, combine multiple colors of mana to build your ideal deck, duel with gensokyo girls, and chase back the mysterious moon treasure. Also, enjoy the unpredictable Roguelike with fantasy Danmaku!

Image for Alina of the Arena

A roguelike deckbuilding tactics game that combines elements from 'Slay the Spire' and 'Into the Breach'. Play as a gladiator to survive. With roguelike deckbuilding and hex-based tactics, no longer bound by simple attack and defense. Make use of dodges and knockbacks to stay alive!

Demo available Store
Image for Beneath Oresa

Beneath Oresa, a fighting roguelike deckbuilder, takes you deep within the city to confront your foes. As a strategist, choose your cards, upgrades, and artifacts wisely, but as a fighter, turn their positioning to your advantage.

Image for Backpack Hero

The inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your backpack, and vanquish your foes!

Demo available Store
Image for Gamble Tower

Embark on a high-stakes journey in our roguelite deckbuilder! A place where every decision is a gamble, risk and reward intertwine to shape your odds. Delve into a dark fantasy world brought to life through mesmerizing 2D hand-painted art, where wacky characters and unpredictable challenges await.

Image for Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles

Astrea is a DICE-deck-building roguelike that flips the script on deckbuilders by using dice instead of cards and an unique dual “damage” system: Purification vs Corruption. Build a dice pool strong enough to purify Astrea's out-of-control corruption and save the Star System.

Demo available Store
Image for Poker Quest: Swords and Spades

Poker Quest is a fantasy roguelike where players use a standard 52-card deck to take on fierce enemies in epic battles. Featuring over 20 unique heroes, thousands of items, and deep gameplay that will test even the most experienced players.

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