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Image for Greedy Rabbit
Greedy Rabbit

Feb 18, 2022


Arcade Adventure Studio


Arcade Adventure Studio

Fun arcade and logic game, where you are greedy rabbit. In each level you have to collect all the vegetables and possibly stars. Then look for the open portal to the next level. Do this with the best result.


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Image for Project Xenoflora

Someone thought it was a good idea to create the world's first sentient plant. It wasn't. Now there's a mildly dangerous and very angry plant making a mad dash for the exit, the only thing that stands in its way is the near-infinite number of mass-produced robot sentries programmed to destroy it.

Image for The Vortex

The Vortex, a metaverse connected social environment where all are welcome. The facilitation system ensures all people have an equal opportunity to speak.

Image for B-RAIN

It is a game that must survive as long as possible by matching the color of the player with the bullets flying from all directions.

Image for Legend of the Outlaw Mage

Become the Outlaw Mage, wreaking havoc as you pursue the one who wronged you, casting and blasting your way in this Cowboy-Fantasy-themed 3rd-Person Action RPG.

Image for Ella - a study in realism

Ella, a study in realism

Image for Bus Driving Sim 22

Experience what it feels like to be a real bus driver. Simulator featuring realistic physics, a variety of bus models (city buses, electric bus, school bus), three distinct regions to explore (US, Germany, Brazil) and much more. Test your skills in career, drive in freeride or play multiplayer.

Image for Dodge It! 2

Infinite generation, jump, dodge, die, repeat. Are you the choosen one? Will you be in the Top 10 in the leaderboard? This game is insanely hard not everyone can be in the leaderboard because you need to TRYHARD. Good Luck!

Image for Pet idle

Pet Idle is a simulation game where you can take care of various virtual animals! Build and manage your home to be a cozy home for many pets!

Image for A Taste of the Past

What do you do when you lose someone you love? A Taste of the Past is an emotional sidescroller about reconnecting with your Chinese culture while navigating a train to the afterlife. Featuring a wholesome story, cooking minigames, and hope.

Image for Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Sandbox with a vampire priest in the leading role. Destroy shatanists and turn the devil's village into an oasis of christianism.

Image for Check it Out!

Ever dreamt of working a cash register with no pay or real-life customer interaction? Look no further! This simulation game brings a fresh-take to the notoriously dull tasks of customer service, introducing you to a cast of wacky characters and the baggage they carry.

Image for Duck Paradox

Shoot bouncing bullets in this roguelike precision platformer killing corrupted ducks while searching for Dr. Paraducks’ beloved pet throughout the multiverse! To return to safety you’ll need to tackle difficult-to-master trials, run after run, earning upgrades, while maintaining your sanity!

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