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Image for One Line: Letters and Codes
One Line: Letters and Codes

Mar 10, 2022


New Dawn Game Studio


New Dawn Game Studio

You have just received a coded love letter! In this minimalist puzzle, you will have to draw a single line to fill the entire board. At each level solved, get a code to reveal a piece of the letter. Gather the codes, read the letter and discover the message.


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Image for Sudocats

Sudoku for cat people. Cats are wonderful creatures but you better not put them together without proper introduction. So, plan ahead to display them in the right order so they get along!

Image for A Building Full of Cats

A Building Full of Cats is a hidden object game where you need to pet all the cats in the building. Don't leave any cats behind!

Image for Railway Islands - Puzzle

Railway Islands is a puzzle game about designing a railway map for a large archipelago. Make a safe path between the stations and let your train deliver all the resources and go to the next island.

Image for Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Everybody are missing in a town. Find the answers of town mystery in a point and click adventure game with escape the room mechanics

Image for Koni: The Secrets of Castle

Classic Sokoban game set in Koni's castle from the fantasy world of Chronicles of Sarval. Solve challenging puzzles and discover the secrets of Koni's castle.

Image for The Room 4: Old Sins

The disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provokes a hunt for a precious artefact. The trail leads you to the attic of their home, and the discovery of an old, peculiar dollhouse. What secrets lie within these walls?

Image for Mini Pipes - A Logic Puzzle Pipes Game

A Logic Puzzle Pipes Game with a beautiful minimalist design and a uniquely prepared soundscape. Rotate the pipes until all the pipes are filled with water.

Image for SokoWinter

SokoWinter is a sokoban game with slippery floors. You will have the opportunity to get to know one of the curious hobbies of four stylish penguins: pushing large ice cubes. Why do they like this activity so much? Well, that we don't know, as our knowledge of penguins is limited...

Image for Pets at Work

Some pets got lost from their owners in an office and now need to work together, using boxes, mats, buttons, climb on shelves and tables or just make a mess trying to find them in this colorful local co-op game!

Image for Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room

You wake up in a spaceship with no memories. In this escape room with a sci-fi setting you will have to investigate your past solving different puzzles. Will you be able to discover what happened to you and how did you get there?

Image for Ever Seen A Cat?

A relaxing hidden object game. Find cats in several stylish environments! Every play through is different!

Image for Zodiacats

Follow cat Catherine on her journey for the lost astrology papyri and learn more about her job as a witch assistant for bringing good vibes into this Earth! Let Catherine guide you through the zodiac wheel, showing you about features of each solar sign. You can also learn about your cat's sign!

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