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Image for Era Dream : BanderitaX
Era Dream : BanderitaX

Mar 30, 2022





STORYAfter many failed attempts to travel to America, YouTuber BanderitaX was finally able to buy a house in America at a very low price through a man he met online.But to Bandar's surprise that the house is inhabited by a girl and some strange people.From here begins the story of our hero to try to escape from the haunted house.


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Image for The Palace of Unrest

Use poems to solve puzzles and escape the mansion with your life in this horror themed escape room game.

Image for The Unluckiest Man

After his wife draws her last breath, Dragomir is devastated. As a poor man with a drinking habit, he must not only manage to hold a decent funeral, but also stand for himself in a small town that doesn't see him with good eyes.

Image for Faded Grey

A short find it game that helps you make sense of a tragic accident as you uncover a piece of the story with each item found.

Image for Escape from DuFo

A short atmospheric and simple puzzle game in which you try to escape from a dungeon.

Image for Automobiels and the Eisenhower Hiway System the Game

in this text based game the goal is to get to new york, but traversing the Eisenhower highway system can prove to be difficult

Image for Agelast

Agelast is a horror game set in Korea, played from the perspective of a student in a difficult situation. Find a way out and interact as you progress through the story. There are no puzzles.

Image for After Life - Story of a Father

After Life is a short interactive story with a lot of atmosphere and little gameplay. Immerse yourself with the story of Rick Dennehy, a soul who explores the memories of his loved ones after he dies in an accident.

Image for Escape Memoirs: Questionable Side Stories

'Escape Memoirs: Questionable Side Stories' is a humorous co-operative escape room game where you are a henchman who has to make his way through variety of puzzles to make it to a job interview on time. Can you solve all of the puzzles that stand in the way of your employment?

Image for Storm VR

Storm is an atmospheric survival game. This is the first, short introduction to a series of episodes of Storm. You wake up in an intense snowstorm. As you look around for ways to get out of the biting cold, to somehow find shelter, your body gets colder, your hands freeze up, and the storm intensifies.

Image for Albert Innovation

Albert Innovation is an immersive, narrative, atmospheric semi-horror game, where you will attempt to unravel the mysteries of what was once the most brilliant technological innovation company of the olden days. Manipulate machines, run away, and put an end to this nightmare.

Image for Escape Room - Der kranke Kollege

You only wanted to make a visit to your sick colleague, but what you encounter is beyond your imagination. Discover the secrets of your colleague and find a way to escape the trap.

Image for NOX: Chapter 1

NOX: Chapter 1 is a first-person puzzle game, where the player has to make use of gravity changes, gravity shifts and portals to explore the dreams and nightmares of a child. All this, in a world inspired by the work of Escher.

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