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Dec 1, 2021


VD Games


VD Games

This is not a typical corridor horror, but a game in a semi-open world with horror elements. You will have to perform a reverse ritual in a psychiatric clinic in order to banish the creepy Doctor back to Hell! Especially in the Nightmare mode, a real hardcore awaits you!


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Image for Unnatural: Benighted

Two friends investigate the disappearance of people and encounter unexplained phenomena.

Image for The Hermit Chronicles

The Hermit Chronicles is a 1st-person survival horror game set in a deep forest. Assuming the role of a hermit, you will have to get food, scout your neighborhood, and search for resources to make gear. But after the sun goes down, you'll have to survive for real...

Image for LiBER

We all dreamed of adventures full of mysteries and mysticism, dreamed of finding ourselves in unusual situations and emerging from them as a hero. Liber is an adventure about travel in time, the search for truth and oneself, about friendship and revaluation of values..

Image for IKO 39

Find out what happened at the station, which had lost contact with the Earth. EMI – the artificial intelligence of the station – will help you to solve the mystery. But be careful. You are not alone on the planet...

Image for Russian Village Simulator

This is a simulator of life in the Russian countryside, where the player will be engaged in the garden, picking mushrooms and berries, collect firewood, hunting and fishing, brew moonshine and much, much more.

Image for EBOLA 3

EBOLA 3 - is created in the spirit of the great classics of survival horrors. In this game, you will control the main character with a first-person camera which makes you feel like you’re in a real horror movie.

Image for There Is No Light: Enhanced Edition

Battle your way through the grim Underground world in this brutal action-adventure RPG. Exterminate hordes of enemies, fight dangerous bosses and explore the world the way you want!

Image for No:Worse

"No:Worse" is a beautiful love story unfolding between two vulnerable individuals with kind but fragile hearts. Throughout it, you will encounter moments of despair, heartbreak, and deceit. And conquering these flaws lies entirely in your hands.

Image for Reclusive

Robert Livingston sails to a remote northern island to spend the last days of his life there and encounters unexplained phenomena and creatures.

Image for Reactor Tech²

Become the main power engineer of the world - the builder of the most powerful power plant that feeds the whole world! You have to build your own power plant, research new technologies and make the most successful power company in 100 gaming years.

Image for Mr.Brocco & Co

Mr. Brocco & Co is a classic 2D platform game set in a fantasy world where junk food is trying to take over! Choose one of two characters (Mr. Broccoli or Super Asparagus) to save the city!

Image for Last Resort

Dive into the mysterious world of the "Last Resort", a non-linear visual novel where past and future are woven together. His life’s breaking under the weight of life problems. Unable to fight any further, He decides to take his final journey. Will it change anything? Or will it lead Him to the end?

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