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Image for The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest
The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest

Jun 17, 2022





One day, Shoichi heard the call from a mysterious goddess. "Please come and take down the devil!" Although it sounds like a template, he still came to the "demon world". After meeting the two princesses and the king, he was made to make an "ultimate choice", and the legend of this young man began.


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Image for Rescuing You in the Infinite Loop

Kyosuke and his fiancée, Erisa, are visiting an isolated island in the sea and attending a mysterious festival to make a sacrifice to the island's gods. It should have been a romantic holiday, but the island seemed to be overshadowed by a great fear coming from the abyss...

Image for Lust&Magic -Chisalla in a Flower Basket-

This is a story about a traveler and a girl born in the iron age. Machinery and steam technology have changed people's lives, but also, this was an era of hope, that "magic" is recognized as "Curse". The story of the "Iron Age" has begun——

Image for Senpai and the Mysterious Dungeon

To save the kidnapped senpai and also the beloved one, Fulla decides to challenge the dungeon on the island inhabited by demons. This is a traditional 2D roguelike RPG. Every time you enter the dungeon, the layout will change! Use various skills and equipment to save your senpai!!

Image for The Triumphant Return of Diabolos

Many years after humanity came together to defeat the Demon Lord, a young man trained to become an imperial knight. One day, however, he was confronted by a mysterious figure who said, "We have been looking for you, Demon Lord Diabolos."

Image for Apostle: Rebellion

A sci-fi, turn-based RPG. Humanity has reached a point where the majority of people opt to become cyborgs called Roids. However, social inequality is once again at a breaking point.

Image for Noelle Does Her Best!

After an unfulfilling childhood in the countryside, Noelle jumps at the first opportunity to move out and live on her own. Little does she know, her new home comes with the world's worst housewarming gift: a debt to the tune of a million gold, which she only has 10 days to repay! It's time for Noelle to do her best!


The heroine Chroe was cursed for eating dog meat In order to find a way to remove the curse, she went to the ancient forest alone. The wonderful religious group in the forest asks Chroe to offer "humanity" to lift the curse. With nowhere to go, she embarked on this journey...

Image for 异世界的回响千雪之歌

The protagonist Qian Xue died unexpectedly after working too hard. Unexpectedly, he was favored by the God of life because of his special 'talent' in his soul after death, and he also got the opportunity to resurrect. However, resurrection always requires a price.

Image for Claris the Princess Knight

《Claris the Princess Knight》 is a cute style RPG game. Claris is the best mage and swordsman in the kingdom. One day, she is possessed by the robber who killed her. His mission is to manipulate and kill her, till she has fallen. Knight Claris’s fate is depending on you !

Image for Demon Speakeasy

Mix drinks and mingle with monster girls! Manage a bar staffed by cute waitresses and work hard to earn their affection! Take orders, make sophisticated small-talk and get lucky in the wildest ways possible...

Image for Harem of Nurses

By chance, I acquired a powerful hypnosis device. Working as a security guard in a hospital, I decided to use this wonderful power to realize my dream: a harem with five female protagonists to choose from.

Image for 星塔星夜MONOBEHEVO

This is a very tired person after work. He decided to make a game that can pass customs in one night.

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