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Image for Defend from Candyland!
Defend from Candyland!

Feb 20, 2023


MI Pixel Ltd


MI Pixel Ltd

Embark on an epic tower defense journey against the relentless candy onslaught. Strategize, upgrade, and conquer in this challenging pixel art adventure. Are you ready for the sweet challenge that awaits?


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Image for Warp Glider

Pilot a gravity-defying craft at blazing speeds. Pull off aerial acrobats using stackable weapons to survive the swarming Bandits. Retro arcade action and out of this world flight control! Now with Co-op!

Image for Mercury: Cascade into Madness

Mercury is a quirky and violent vigilante. After experiencing a traumatic event in her life, she saw it as her purpose to take to the streets and fight crime, only to become entangled in something huge that could threaten the entire city. Cyberpunk RPG with choice and consequence.

Image for Beyond The Evil

Beyond the Evil is an psychological horror game that places the player to a hard experience to find who created one supposed plague that might doom the world.

Demo available Store
Image for Radical Spectrum: Volume 1

A band of aliens led by the careless Prince FaceBox have invaded the future city of Nucleusport, bombarding it with radioactive waste from their own polluted planet. Only one man has the tech and the cojones to fight back. Take on the role of Doc DuBrane and wield his super-powerful Prisma Cannon in this endless arcade-style shooter.

Image for Across the Valley

Across the Valley is your friendly VR farm where you really lend a hand. Instead of clicking around in menus, you care for the animals and plants with your own hands. Instead of looking at the farm from up above, you yourself can relax in this hand-drawn paradise.

Image for CityDriver

Driving realistically in a real city for the first time - driving fun & training with CityDriver! ViewApp's newest simulation offers you the opportunity to explore the streets of Munich with various cars.

Image for Space Station Tycoon

Create a thriving space station in a lost sector. Face thrilling challenges head-on, from pirate raids to asteroid impacts, as you lead your company to new heights.

Image for Citadelic

Citadelic is a base building and defending strategy game with roguelite elements. Survive against waves of constantly evolving enemies while expanding your base and managing resources.

Demo available Store
Image for Idle Banshee Alliance

This is a hang up combat game. There are various banshees waiting for you to collect in the game.

Image for Demonic Supremacy

Demonic Supremacy is an old school 3D shooter with a certain nostalgic flavour and few gamer-friendly features. It offers several hours of hurricane gameplay rocking through memorable levels with the explosive heavy metal soundtrack!

Image for Digs

Take on the ultimate tower defense challenge in Digs, a roguelike game where you shape the battlefield, mine resources, and strategize against a variety of enemies. Manage your actions, customize your arsenal with upgrade cards, and explore diverse levels. Can you dig in and emerge victorious?

Image for They came from another planet

A twin stick, fixed shooter, bonus hell, pixel art, shoot 'em up. Aliens have invaded and you, a blue housecat with a stretchy head, are, of course, our last hope. Fight the aliens on earth, under the ocean and in space in this risk/reward based fixed shooter inspired by old school shoot 'em ups.

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