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Image for Haunted Hell House
Haunted Hell House

Oct 29, 2021





Horror action ADV to enjoy the fear.


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Image for Immortal Mantis

Discover secrets, solve puzzles and survive the serial-killer in this pixelated topdown. You are Akin, an exterminator, who bought a house in a rural area, but the past of this house will affect your present.

Image for Meat Madness

A short, 3D narrative-driven horror platformer. Journey deep into the meat tunnel and talk with survivors to uncover the grim truth.

Image for Biters & Bullets: Prologue

Battle and survive hordes of monsters in this high octane casual game with rogue-lite elements. Defeat bosses, hot-wire cars and stack powerups. How long will you survive?

Image for Cursed 3

The epic conclusion of the CURSED trilogy.

Image for Cursed

A horrific retro point and click adventure with combat

Image for Karisvale

Your next job awaits in Karisvale, detective. Will you fulfill your duty? Or become lost in the mystery... Explore a retro top-down world, question its citizens, and collect hidden items to uncover Karisvale's dark secret.

Image for Time Thief

Time Thief is an action adventure game where leaving your village makes the clock tick. Manage your time to stay alive, stealing seconds from creatures around its overworld with your sword.

Image for The Night of the Scissors

Scrap hunting season has gone wrong, VHS slasher survival horror.

Image for Almost Home Now

A 10 minute horror experience of a girl walking home alone at night.

Image for Viltnemda

You've been called into the forest to investigate a wounded deer, but the forest is dark and all you have is a flashlight. Oh bother, what a Tuesday you're having.A retro PSX style horror game

Image for Itchy Scratchy

A person approaches you with a simple request: "Friend! I have itch, scratch for me?" How can you resist? They seem so nice, so itchy, and oh so scratchable. WARNING: This game is way too short and will leave you dissatisfied. But, hey, it's free. Play at your own risk.

Image for Fuzz Dungeon

The well back to your job has been absorbed inside a sasquatch sex amulet. Journey through 15 levels of absurdist human history to try and bring it back.

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