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The Tipping Point

Feb 22, 2024


Fabula Studios


Fabula Studios

Developed in collaboration with researchers, The Tipping Point is a fun and educational game about climate science. You play as an arctic climate researcher and must get off the ice sheet before it collapses. On your way, you will gather and analyze data about the ice sheet, before it is lost.


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In STARECROWN, a visual-novel merged with a puzzle-based horror experience, your ANGEL whose watched from the distance finally makes himself known. For the worse.

Image for Click to 13

CLICK THE BUTTON. click the button. cLiCk ThE bUtToN. The unofficial sequel, of the unofficial sequel, of click to ten. Explore the intriguing story of how you go from 0 to 1. 1 to 2. 2 to 3. and you know the rest.

Image for Pogo Pogo

I put together this game to upset a certain kind of individual.

Image for Tales of the Magic Ball: The Lost Sorcerer

Tales of the Magic Ball is a puzzle platformer where you'll experience an adventure in a fantasy world. Explore, puzzle, experience a story, fight and overcome obstacles. Solve the tasks given to you in an interesting and fun way.

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A Shrimp Based Bullet Heaven. Kill creatures, Level up & pick from 3 upgrades to unalive thousands more.

Image for Eldritchvania

Explore unearthly ruins, solve arcane riddles and pick up your sword against the indescribable horrors that lurk amidst the forgotten depths of our world. Beware the creeping grip of madness as you uncover secrets not meant for the eyes of men!

Image for Kneedle Knight

Kneedle Knight is a 3rd-person puzzle platformer game. Conjure fabric with a magic needle as Sir Lukoss the Small and merge in and out of fabric. Solve puzzles, platform across magical objects, and defeat cursed candle minions to return Sir Lukoss to normal and defeat the Witch of Fabric!

Image for my eyes deceive

Set over the course of roughly a week, you play as a young girl who has been living in a shelter all her life. The outside world is infected with a deadly disease. Society is in chaos. Fortunately, your papa is protecting you.

Image for Hope is Gone

A retro-style first-person horror game set in a dark, decaying parallel dimension where people from our world are not welcome.

Image for Schmaragon

Schmaragon is an indie MOBA—an exciting fusion of Eve Online, Heroes Of The Storm, and Epic's Paragon. It incorporates innovative and hardcore concepts, such as permadeath, variable-powered heroes, the ability to join and leave the match whenever you like, and a toxicity-free environment.

Image for Chess Opening Repertoire Builder

Learn chess openings and try them out against an AI instantly!

Image for Wizzerd Quest

Wizzerd Quest is a bite-sized open-world RPG with full split-screen co-op. Its aesthetic is straight out of the mid 1990's, and it's designed to be a fun little excursion without wasting your time. Play the entire game for free with zero microtransactions or DRM!

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