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Image for 角斗士学院(Gladiator School)
角斗士学院(Gladiator School)

Feb 28, 2022


Together Game, project bamboo


Together Game

[game type] AVG + simulated love cultivation[game rating] objects aged 18 and above[game theme] BL ancient Roman wind school daily + hot-blooded battle


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Image for Knights College

KnightsCollege is a kemono visual novel set in the Knight College, where elite knight candidates live. In this game, every choice is presented as a card, and the protagonist lives in the dormitory while collecting cards.

Image for Ten Trials of Babel: The Doppelganger Maze

Otome × Death Game × Mild Horror Multiple Endings Puzzle RPG

Image for Billionaire Lovers

You’re a broke college graduate. Your rich, distant uncle has just shown up and given you 100 million dollars! And right at this moment, four handsome men come into your life. Could this be… the romance you’ve been waiting for!? But wait, there’s something behind their smiles that says otherwise…

Image for The Symbiant

The Symbiant is a BL / Yaoi / Gay visual novel about two men, both from vastly different worlds, embracing their sexuality and their newfound romance. It is also a tale of interstellar friendship and being gay in space!

Image for 私のリアルは充実しすぎている フルボイス版

顔良し、頭良し、性格良し。 完全無欠のリア充女子が送るドタバタラブコメディ!(たぶん)

Image for Roman's Christmas / 罗曼圣诞探案集

Roman, the wolf detective plans to spend his Christmas vacation in his favorite tavern, but murder cases happened in the tavern put him to work again.

Demo available Store
Image for My Vow to My Liege

《My Vow to My Liege》is a visual novel dating game. Players get to play as a girl disguised as the King of Ng, a man. The 4 dateable characters are: the guide, the enemy, the minister and the guard.Will they choose the man over the country? Love over hate? Who will they finally end up with?

Image for Chardonnay Romancia

A furry visual novel for adults

Image for Like an Angel

"Like an Angel" is a boy love game for adults, it has simulation and interactive fiction elements. It has more than 7 endings and plenty of CG for the player to explore.

Image for Volcano Princess

Prepare the next monarch by finding her hobbies, training her for battle, and befriending the citizens she'll one day protect. Dive into an all-new parenting-simulator-RPG adventure, where every decision you make will not only affect the future of your daughter but that of an entire empire!

Image for Retirement Simulator

Retirement Simulator is a game that simulates the retirement life. Customize your retirement and realize your ultimate goals: become a world traveller, an influencer, a KungFu Master or more. Through discovering stories and events, you will also deepen your bonds with your familiy and the community.

Image for Fate Seeker II

Following the previous one, “Fate Seeker II” character development, thinking and exploration and other elements. You can experience real-time combat without switching scenes, and feel the delightful martial arts anytime.

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