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Apr 6, 2023





Gun up and wreak havoc in Gambit! – a 4-player campaign-driven shooter-adventure in a world of gangs, guns, and mayhem.


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Image for Legendary Tales

Legendary tales is a VR Action roleplaying game with up to 4 player co-op. Collect items, enhance your abilities and fight your way through an ever changing dungeon to make your own Legendary Tales.

Image for Vertigo 2

Vertigo 2 is a single-player VR adventure. Explore the depths of the vast Quantum Reactor as you descend to finish your journey home.

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Image for Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Fierce military arcade shooter in VR for single-player and co-op multiplayer. Drop into a variety of indoor and outdoor battle scenes with 63 missions, 39 different weapons, and 17 types of enemies as you lead an elite fireteam into immersive 360° combat.

Image for PAYDAY 2

PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains - as they descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree.

Image for Wandering in Space VR

Join Wandering In Space, a unique FPS ROGUELITE SCI-FI experience built for VR. With a variety of space weapons, upgradable armory, power ups and unknown superpower, you, a soldier without any memory have to fight the mutants, cyborgs and the rebels to survive in the space of unknown...


REQUISITION VR is a first physics-based co-op game where you can use duct tape to link any objects together to create a unique weapon. You can experiment with crafting, connecting any unthinkable combinations: a katana + a circular saw, or an axe + a ball. Inspired by Dead Rising & Walking Dead: S&S

Image for AMID EVIL VR

A retro FPS for the ages! Completely rebuilt from the ground up for VR! Once branded a HERETIC. Now YOU have been chosen as our champion! Reclaim our sacred weapons. Take back our ancient lands. If you can stand... AMID EVIL.

Image for Hellsweeper VR

DARE TO DESCEND INTO HELL? Hellsweeper VR is an intense first-person action-combat VR experience. Traverse the underworld where every step brings a challenge or a chance. Gain mastery of your weapons and elemental magic, or fall to the unrelenting onslaught of hell's twisted souls.

Image for Breachers

Breachers is a tactical 5v5 VR FPS. Plan your assault or orchestrate your defense as a team through intense close-quarters combat. Climb, vault, rappel, swing, shoot and strategize your way to victory in stunning environments.

Image for The Light Brigade

An award-winning roguelike VR shooter with realistic gunplay & immersive light magic. Ascend the ranks of The Light Brigade to unlock new weapons, upgrades, classes, and abilities as you fight to restore light to the darkness.

Image for LONN

Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure with LONN, a solo action-packed VR game. Play as a Bounty Hunter in a cyberpunk world and stop the evil WUX-n cult. Fight against adversity, and stay grounded in reality to survive against all odds.

Image for After the Fall®

From the team that brought you Arizona Sunshine® comes an epic VR action FPS with intense co-op gameplay at its core. Team up with friends and take on a hostile VR world filled with ferocious undead--mutated and twisted by the relentless cold.

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