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Image for Project SNAQE
Project SNAQE

Feb 4, 2022


Teggno Interactive


Teggno Interactive

Project SNAQE is an action and precision game inspired by the classic Snake. Drill, shoot and expand your super mining machine as you try to deal with monsters along the way. Simple and easy to play but hard to master.


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Image for X-Force Under Attack

X-Force Under Attack brings back all the charm of shmup games from the 80's/90's. It's a frenetic and chaotic space shooter with insane battles against extremely difficult bosses.

Demo available Store
Image for TechBeat Heart

SCORCHING TECHBEAT ACTION! A frantic combo-based score attack shooter. Make combos to earn more time. Master all weapons and defeat a raving mad machine. 100% arcade action. Online ranking. Lots of achievements. A Dual Gunstrike spin off.

Demo available Store
Image for Terra Flame

Terra Flame is a horizontal shmup inspired by the 90's. The feature is that you can switch between three types of weapons in real time.

Demo available Store
Image for Sophstar

A vertical arcade shoot'em up with an inventive teleport system, lots of fast-blazing action and explosions, tons of boss fights, a risk/reward based score system and a proper challenge for both veteran and new players of the genre.

Image for satryn deluxe

a chaotic, infinite twin stick shooty✨

Image for Galacticon

Galacticon is a video game with the look and feel of arcade cabinet games from the early 80's in the style of Williams classics: "Defender" or "Joust", with the gameplay of legendary "Jetpac", and with touches of "puzzle".

Image for Slot Shots Pinball Ultimate Edition

Thirteen awesome pinball tables and it is Steam Deck compatible @60 FPS. The new tables feature bigger playfields, better physics, better graphics and special effects, new camera angles, longer soundtracks, controller support, online leaderboards, and more slot machine shots!

Image for Thunderflash

Thunderflash is a "love letter" to the arcade games of the 80s. It is a Run 'n Gun game inspired by gems like Ikari Warriors, Commando and Heavy Barrel.

Image for Tameshi

In this sideways scrolling shmup, take control of your spaceship and navigate through vibrant pixelated environments filled with hordes of enemy spacecraft. Power-up your ship and weapons, dodge enemy fire while blasting through each stage. Survive the onslaught and emerge victorious!

Image for Light of Life

Light of Life is a challenging precision platformer about an elf named Elanor who possesses incredible power! Using a bow and arrow with the mission: to recover all life fragments stolen by the goblins.

Image for Headbangers in Holiday Hell

Christmas. Christmas never changes. Soon those overzealous little freaks will swarm the city led by that bearded maniac. But this time, we fight back. Inspired by Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Beavis&Butthead's heavy metal comedy, this is twin-stick mayhem like you've never experienced before.

Image for Dead End City

A post-apocalyptic arcade shooter. Collect fuel and dodge enemy fire as you fight back against the evil Scorpio gang. Mixes cars, shmups and themes that would have been right at home in 80's anime and arcades..

Demo available Store
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