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Image for ARC Alien Raid Combat
ARC Alien Raid Combat

Oct 6, 2021


Ômega Games


Ômega Games

A game based on the classic Tower Defense style, assemble your best combination to overcome obstacles, can you do it?


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Image for Dreamer

A dreamy and overcoming journey that will enchant and thrill you at each end of a complete act, embark with the Dreamer on this dream, overcome your fears and conquer.

Image for Dreamer: Puzzle

A very relaxing puzzle based on the Dreamer game. When putting together the paintings, gradually discover the story of a sick boy.

Image for Bunny's Ban

An adorable and relaxing puzzle game for people who love cute pets

Image for BasCatball Saturn: Basketball & Cat

Play basketball. In Saturn. With cats. Are you ready for the whole galaxy's hardest matches? Solve puzzles and win the Bascatball intergalactic championship!

Image for How To Bathe Your Cat: Drawing

It is well known that cats aren' t really fond of water, but, as pet owners, we know that sometimes a good bath is welcome. Draw and use bombs to channel the water and clean your cat!

Image for Pieces of Beauty

Deemed a Master of the Chinese Bird and Flower Painting Style, Ohara Koson produced hundreds of prints during his life. Discover 7 majestic pieces made by one of Japan's most celebrated artists in this traditional Jigsaw Puzzle Game.

Image for Lumexa

Lumexa is a Connecting Points Puzzle-game that involves you in a minimalist atmosphere. Enjoy the neon lights and the good vibes in a delightful experience only with hexagon blocks.

Image for Chronicles of Sarval: Bridges of Koni

Challenging puzzle based on graph theory in a fantastic world. Find the correct path that passes through all the bridges and help the wizard Helm in this adventure in the kingdom of Koni.

Image for Sliko

Sliko is a puzzle game inspired by Sokoban. Slide cubes to their designated locations.

Image for Explosive Snooker

A game of dodgeball on a snooker table

Image for Spinning Maze

The simplest yet fun gameplay you'll ever see today!!! Spinning Maze tries to elevate the maze concept even further adding even more miss ways the way and increasing the difficulty to the maximum.

Image for Before the battery´s over

Restore a robot's memory files before the battery runs out. A distinct jigsaw puzzle game in which the movements and resources consume the life of your robot. Recover your memory with a variety of stylized arts that tell a mysterious story from your past.

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