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Image for LabTrainingVR: Personal Protective Equipment Edition
LabTrainingVR: Personal Protective Equipment Edition

Oct 6, 2021


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This basic-level course is designed to enhance laboratory scientists' ability to identify how personal protective equipment (PPE) can help reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous materials, prevent transmission of infectious agents, and demonstrate how to don and doff PPE in the correct order.


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Image for DunDun VR

DunDun VR is a short, surreal, humorous seated or standing experience in VR. It’s a linear single-player first-person adventure with a serene and atmospheric soundtrack. By the way, don’t forget to collect the eggs!

Image for Entangled

As a scientist sucked into a conflict playing out across parallel universes, you'll have to solve puzzles to teleport yourself between alternate versions of your lab and stay one step ahead of pursuit.

Image for FRAGROOM: Defenders

Fragroom: Defenders is a Tower Defense multiplayer shooting game set in a zombie post-apocalyptic town. Choose your weapons, fight against different enemies, find the best team and tactics to save your shelter from zombie foragers.

Image for Agent Klutz

Be the worst secret agent in the history of secret agents, in this genre-bending rhythm-based spy thriller.

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Image for LabTrainingVR: Biosafety Cabinet Edition

LabTrainingVR: Biosafety Edition course enables learners to apply knowledge and practice setting up and working in a biological safety cabinet (BSC) in a virtual laboratory.

Image for Reflection

Reflection is a Chinese VR puzzle game. The puzzle is innovative and unique. Players will challenge a multi-dimensional space created by the mirror, and use mirrors to solve puzzles by manipulating the world in mirror and enter it. Puzzles including Logic, Physics, Space, Time and so on.

Image for Kellogg's Gut Bacteria Reef

Explore the human gut like never before!

Image for Spacescape

You are trapped on a space station far above the earth. Will you ever get home to earth again?

Image for JENTRIX

Jentrix is a Virtual Reality board game that combines the best of Jenga and Match 3 mechanics.

Image for Curatours

Museum of Plastic 2121 is the first museum tour available on Curatours! Built 100 years from now in an imagined future where things have worked out well for the planet and for humanity. Visitors uncover the story of plastic - its history, science, industry, and impact on our environment.

Image for PC Virtual LAB

PC Virtual Lab is a video game to improve learning in basic computer concepts.

Image for Dark Threads

Dark Threads is an immersive, interactive VR story experience. Wake up confused in a futuristic penthouse, greeted by Rhea and Dom, your holographic assistants. Begin to recover your memory by exploring your environment and discovering clues as to your identity.

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