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Jan 10, 2022







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Image for 大富翁少女/Rich Girls

"Rich Girls" is a casual board game / strategy game based on cards, dice and land properties. Players play the role of a gentleman, encountering various business ladies, and fighting against each others in the world of business war.

Image for LUNAR LICH/月球巫妖

Apprentice Lumina, who had never obtained her magic wand, was trapped in a forest. The main road was blocked, and there might be other ways to reach the destination. To solve puzzles in the dark world, explore the underground world, resist ghosts and demons, and finally defeat the enemy on your own

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Image for 记得我

Remember Me is a galgame with a male first-person perspective. Players will play a high school student Lin Yining, and three girls launched their own story. It's up to you to choose between the hidden past and the future to reveal.

Image for 祖玛少女/Zuma Girls

Zuma girl is a casual marble shooting game, which integrates RPG skills and strategies with traditional Zuma playing methods. You will meet three beautiful girls in the battle. Who is stronger or weaker? Only the brave survive to the end!

Image for 东方异乡录 ~the Apocryphal Gensoukyou

《东方异乡录 ~the Apocryphal Gensoukyou》是一款东方Project主题的短篇视觉小说游戏。主要讲述了在河城荷取的邀请下,雾雨魔理沙、爱丽丝·玛格特洛依德、帕秋莉·诺蕾姬三人在虚拟世界“Apocryphal Land”中冒险的爆笑喜剧故事。

Image for Eva:Final Mission

Eva: Final Mission is ROGUE's lightly randomly generated action-adventure shooter. You need to collect food, medicine, weapons, survival supplies, rescue survivors, improve survival elements and combat skills, and finally complete the final mission to save the world.

Image for 恋爱关系/Romance

It is a love oriented short visual novel, which contains a wealth of interesting games and a large number of exquisite CG pictures. The man lives in the same apartment with his friends, works in the same company, and leads a monotonous life. The appearance of interns has changed the repetitive life.

Image for 鬼畜大冒险 Gui Chu Da Mao Xian

a text-based visual novel with some RPG elements. As the story progresses, you will collaborate with and fight against Gui Chu stars. Remember, collaborating and fighting is just a means to survive, not an answer to the secrets in this world. Your mission is to figure out the truth of this world.

Image for 宝石少女/Girl & Gem Magic

Gorgeous girls + Costume Break + Jewel Elimination, conquer the beauties you encounter by adequately utilizing your strategy and luck! Caution: Entering "TSS" does not make any change

Image for 球球少女/Pinball Girls

"Pinball Girls" is a game combined with pretty girl, pinball and galgame. The story begins with the agreement that “me” signs an alliance with Cyrili to collect the "destiny energy ball" needed together.

Image for 九州战歌

《九州战歌》作为一款3D武侠MMO大作,以顶尖的次世代技术打造最真实的玄幻武侠世界。 惊雷炸响,绝世功法武穆宝典重现江湖,暗涌之下,隐世宗门人才辈出。一场血雨腥风已经来袭,身怀绝技的年轻剑客就此踏入大千世界的强者之路。快意恩仇的庞大江湖,匠心打造的沉浸式地图,凌厉写意的轻功,挑战数之不尽的奇珍异兽,精彩绝伦的华山论剑和嵩山争霸,打造只属于你的独一无二的江湖梦。

Image for 彷徨之街 The Street of Adrift


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