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Farm Fatale

Jun 30, 2021


Hypno Horse


Hypno Horse

Go head to head in high energy games to be the last standing who isn't an animal, and win!


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Image for GLIM

This is an interactive team play game. We could escape from the dragon. But unable to walk away from the suffering friends, we finally decided to return to the dungeon to save them all. Deep in the darkest shadows of the dungeon, we must put our powers together to rescue our friends…

Image for Praesidium

Praesidium is a fast-paced, speedrunner, single player experience in a futuristic setting. Run and jump across city rooftops, while dodging incoming turret fire and launching yourself into the air with your high-tech shield.

Image for Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares Public Beta, A CGDC Community game, is a purely free multiplayer Action RPG where 4 modern-day friends share in the dreams and visions found in the Book of Daniel developed by highly motivated volunteers in their spare time over 9 months.

Image for Crown Claimer

Defend your crown at all costs.

Image for Traversing Traveler

Play as an alchemist named Taylor using various potions find your way around and unlock new areas to talk to various townsfolk who wish to see the path between villages restored.

Image for Zombie Survival online

ZS Online is a top-down 2D shooting multiplayer game that you can enjoy in 10 to 16 minutes. Pick up items, combine them, and survive the longest among other players in a large city where zombies appear at night! As the days go by, the sort of zombies increases, and poisonous gas hits the city...

Image for Eddie Hill in the Curse of the Skull Medallion

Help Eddie to retrieve the Skull Medallion sitting atop a mountain walled by a perilous jungle and an ancient temple full of dangers.

Image for Holt

The people of this planet flourished for years with no trouble. But, an unknown entity called the Shaxis would wreak havoc on their once peaceful world. Play as Holt and uncover the story of the war and what the future holds.

Image for [NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge

3 high speed ninja action titles are now available in one package!

Image for Little Obedient Robot

Take control of a little obedient robot that you program with cards you find. Learn new cards to outmaneuver your enemies. This is our experimental strategy/2D side-scrolling hybrid.

Image for Skeletal Skism

War has broken out between the undead... All for one sole purpose: to determine the ONE - TRUE - SKELETON - KING. Do you have what it takes to claim the crown?

Image for Betrayer: Curse of the Spine - Prologue

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine - Prologue is an Action-Adventure Metroidvania. This is just a taste of the full game which will feature decision making, crafting, fast-paced combat, multiple endings, intricate storytelling, an open world to explore, and more!

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