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Black Academy

May 26, 2023





'School life like hell... Actually, it’s a school run by the devil?!’ Black Academy combines Side-scrolling shooting and Rogue-lite with storyline of students transforming into magical girls to confront demons after finding out the real identity of the Academy.


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Image for NejicomiSimulator TMA01 - Continuous orgasm training of a big-boob maid with a powerful piston dildo! - (Gapping)

A faphole simulator about a girl you can control with the mouse! Enjoy as this slut animated in smooth Live2D is wrecked by your virtual cock! Plenty of status effects included!

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SANABI is an exhilarating stylish dystopian action-platformer. Play as a legendary retired veteran and use your signature prosthetic arm to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, zip through bullets and traps and defeat powerful enemies.

Image for Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL

Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL is a rhythm game for keyboard set against a space exploration backdrop. Captain your science vessel alongside your navigator Shii as you explore the vast Sixtar system!

Image for Erophone:Re

The interactive narrative puzzle game Erophone has now been newly upgraded. Welcome to Noruma City, where you can interact with Ajin girls of different personalities.   Come to explore their past and the world.

Image for GLASS2

Aaron, the Eromancer of the Glass Hunter, who transforms the energy "libido" into cards, uses his cards to create a blast to save the Glassmaidens who are trapped in a glass world!

Image for Alice Escaped!

Explore the stylish world of Wonderland with Usada and Kotora as they search for a mysterious girl named Alice! A Metroidvania action game with a rich, exhilarating battle system all wrapped up in cuteness!

Image for Take Me To The Dungeon!!

Explore the depths of this massive dungeon with your adorable companion Una in this exciting R-18 deck-building adventure!

Image for For the Queen

In FOR THE QUEEN, you are a queen's skeleton knight, suffering from a memory loss. You have to annihilate the villages of humans and elves according to your queen's will and regain your body and memory in this roguelike auto battler.

Image for Her World

We invite you to experience this chillingly sweet romance.

Image for Vampire Mansion

Explore the mansion, find a way to fight the vampires, find the key, and escape the mansion.

Image for QV

Start a dimension-jumping adventure with Quby!

Image for Dark Siren

Be careful not to be captured by the Dark Siren, find the note left by the sailors, uncover the truth, and escape.

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