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The tram of wishes

Jun 8, 2021





The meditative journey game about a tram driver. He is a sincere but humble dreamer who loves his job. And he also knows how to show love and sensitivity, like reading other people's desires. But what to do about it?


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Image for The Feast

The Feast is an invitation to a bizarre family dinner party that takes an unexpected turn. Join the most surreal meal of your life, discover what you truly stand for, and create your own tragic spectacle in this short thought-inspiring and unforgettable adventure with multiple endings.

Image for Bright Lights of Svetlov

Bright Lights of Svetlov is a short, story-focused first person quest about a Soviet family facing harsh trials. Set in a fictional provincial town, it carefuly recreates the atmosphere and vibe of mid 1980s.

Image for Know by heart

Childhood friends reunite after spending a long time apart, revisiting old memories and rekindling their friendship. However, something beyond their control will ruin this reunion.

Image for Krai. Digital-poetry vol. 1

KRAI. DIGITAL-POETRY VOL.1 The first collection of digital-poetry Krai. Created by variously gone-mad poets. 5 games. Curator: Ilia Mazo.

Image for Escape to Moscow

A story about a guy, a girl he met, and their adventure. Freelance IT specialist Semyon meet a girl from Dagestan on the Internet. However, their relationship quickly grow over the regular chatting - he decides to help her run away from home. That is how their amazing adventure begins.

Image for Kaigrad

Kaigrad - is a non-linear visual novel in the genre of dark fantasy. The action takes place in a world where Light comes only from people, animals and all living things. The darkness is near. You have to find out what happened here, who is to blame for this and try to fix it!

Image for Aroma

This is a simple story about young people, about the aroma of youth and the smells of life, which can so easily be cut short by a fatal accident.Or maybe at the behest of a heartless fate.

Image for Toy Tinker Simulator: BETA

Have you ever wanted to be a toy tinker? Here you can take the first step to become one! This is a tiny portion of Toy Tinker Simulator, which includes only ten toys.


An old Russian hut, endless forests, and not a single person for hundreds of miles around.

Image for Deep Lake: Prologue

"Deep Lake: Prologue" visual novel In the neo-Gothic genre, with a psychological story. Our hero's name is Sali. Sali is a former forensic photographer for the crime department. The accident that happened to him reveals in him a mysterious gift that can lead him to a terrible death.

Image for The Jewel of Monostructure

Sanator: The Jewel of Monostructure is a dark fantasy visual novel that combines deep lore with exciting adventures. Who is behind the mysterious thefts and why are the gates of the Monostructure open again? Take control of Richard Murdock, the plague doctor, and find the answer.

Image for The Sin

The depressing pictures of a dying village and its inhabitants to the dark ambient music of the underground performers make those who are still trying to survive in places where everything has long died, to plunge even deeper into the world of mystical horror and deep despair

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