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Dec 19, 2023


NeoVoxel Studio


NeoVoxel Studio

Triadino is a creative and fun crossover between Tetris and Rock Paper Scissors. The game uses the circular rules of Rock Paper Scissors to make its tetris-like gameplay more fun and challenging.


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Image for Westale: Peelgrimage

Westale: Peelgrimage is an ink-style survivor-like game. Player can evolve their characters in the game, use marvelous magical treasures, experience the mysterious 72 transformations, and synthesize artifacts. Let's get into this Journey-to-the-West world and experience addictive combat.

Image for The last world

After the world ends, the remaining survivors must defend the last spark of human civilization. Use the camp as a position to repel the waves of monsters in each city! Thay are too powerful? It doesn't matter! Get stronger equipment, learn stronger skills, and finally sweep thousands of armies!

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Image for 洪荒:我挂机成圣


Image for 偷外卖模拟器(我在2083年的末世求生)

In 2083, I couldn’t survive, I started stealing takeout food.This is a 3D shooting game with a story-oriented approach. It is very simple to play, and the whole story has over 10,000 Chinese words.

Image for MagicGirls★Shooting!!

This a side-scrolling gal-shooting game, which is an old project I made in the past, and only has one level. Just earning a listing fee. The game will last about 5 minutes, so if you don’t like it, just refund it. If you are willing to support and keep this product, sincerely thank you! !

Image for Orc's Bride

She was proposed to by the Orc Prince. A goverment fearful of war with the Orc Empire decided to hand her over and placed a hefty bounty on her. In this world, everyone is an enemy. Fight and keep on fighting.

Image for 7th Domain

"7th Domain" is a horizontal version action game derived from Roguelike Metroidvania combined with treasure grinding gameplay. You will play a child of destiny who repairs the world and finds the truth of the broken world. You will grow in battle and challenge the unknown and hidden forces.

Image for Where Jellyfish 水母在哪里

Searching for a large number of jellyfish. A carefully hand drawn 4K scene filled with cute characters. The process is short and won't take up too much player time. You can choose your favorite dyeing for the convenience of color blind players. Extremely easy to achieve.

Image for 甜蜜狂潮Honey Fury

Base Construction and Strategic Card Management. You will construct and defend your base from enemy invasions. Employ clever layouts to enhance your base's defenses and acquire resources through card management. Get ready to embrace this strategic and thrilling honey-fueled frenzy!

Image for Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice

Aiko's Choice is the anticipated standalone expansion to the acclaimed stealth strategy game Shadow Tactics. Set in Edo Japan, you take control of the skillful kunoichi adept Aiko and her deadly assassin friends to hunt down the ghosts of her past.

Image for Sanguo's Ambition 4 :Three Kingdoms

A real-time strategy+team competition game, in 189, the Han Dynasty launched a mutual attack and expansion of territories, operating their own forces, and seizing generals and resources until the world was unified.

Image for Ghost Road Awakening

“Ghost Road” is the first installment in the Ghost Road series of games, and is a visual novel game about the myth of ghosts and monsters in the Chinese underworld. The player plays the role of the Ghost Detainer in the underworld to investigate the past deeds of the three female leaders.

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