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Image for Destroy Geometric Shapes
Destroy Geometric Shapes

Apr 1, 2021


Sprovieri Games


Sprovieri Games

Imagine yourself throwing balls to destroy geometric shapes like cubes, triangles, lozenges and hexagons. The big problem is, you need to find the perfect trajectory of the balls for them destroy everything at once. But you are persistent and this is your challenge from now on, can you do it?


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Play basketball. In Jupiter. With cats. Are you ready for the whole galaxy's hardest matches? Solve puzzles and win the Bascatball intergalactic championship!

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Before you find the King's Room, you need to beat guards and traps. Feel like an assassin in this limited grid-movement and attacks puzzle game.

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A dreamy and overcoming journey that will enchant and thrill you at each end of a complete act, embark with the Dreamer on this dream, overcome your fears and conquer.

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The Runaway Feijoão is a casual indie game inspired by the old Tom & Jerry (NES) game, bringing you to difficult and addictive gameplay through the human digestive system.

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Build molecules for Vick is a Puzzle game about chemistry. Assemble molecules by snapping and swapping atoms together until you assemble the molecule Vick needs. No prior knowledge of chemistry is required.

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