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Knightly Passions

Apr 26, 2024





The tale of a hunter searching for his missing sister. Adventure awaits you in a world filled with bloodthirsty monsters and deadly traps. Overcome trials, battle evil, and replenish your strength surrounded by ravishing young women.


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Image for MILF's Plaza

MILF's Plaza is an erotic visual novel with a non-linear plot in a unique 2D style! The main character, full of ambition and eager for thrills, is ready to do anything to find his place in the sun. But his life is only turning out to be more complicated...

Image for AURA: Hentai Cards

AURA: Hentai Cards is a fascinating 2D erotic visual novel and collectible card game where magic, romance, and adventure come together! Build your harem by seducing women and save the world from the Demon Queen, or join her army!

Image for Self Defense Dojo

This is a simulation-style erotic game with humorous elements incorporated.

Image for Humans are not that against Lizardwomen

Once again vile lizards descended upon the lands of Hyperborea, and their plans are as wicked and perverse as ever! It's time to take a swig of the fortifying waters of Baikal and repel these reptile temptresses! We'll push them against the wall and show them the true might of our heroic spears!

Image for FlipWitch - Forbidden Sex Hex

Use your newly-acquired genderbending abilities as a 'FlipWitch' to conquer evil monsters, giant bosses, and Monster Girls across the land! You'll have to use your wits in this quirky adventure to seduce everyone around you!

Image for Seeds of Chaos

Not your average visual novel, Seeds of Chaos is a sexy dark fantasy tale with RPG & Strategy elements. Become an active participant in the story, making choices which impact your experience and shape the direction of the narrative.

Image for Love n Life: Lucky Teacher

After the pandemic Covitch69, you lost your job as a space aviation expert and now become a teacher in a small town. Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining as you are stepping into a world where love blooms unexpectedly and leads you to captivating ladies with immersive romantic tales.

Image for Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy

When your father goes off on an adventure, it's up to you to keep the lights on and take care of your sister.

Image for An alt girl for skoof

There is a rumor that any skuf can legally receive a fee alt girl from the state; to do this, you just need to log in to a special service and enter your personal data.

Image for Ravager

Ravager is a role-playing game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim his birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your monstrous appetites.

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Image for Personal Study

Personal Study is an adult plot-driven adventure game with variety of puzzles mechanics, set in mysterious dungeons of The University of Arcane Arts.

Image for Misha's incident

Play as Misha, a girl with an unpleasant personality and a not very high level of intelligence. Help her raise funds to repay debts and thereby prevent a tragic end to her life. Explore the peculiar city, look for a job, and make new strange acquaintances.

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