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Plasma Attack

Mar 3, 2021





Plasma Attack is a top-down side scrolling shooter game where the character is a flying spaceship equipped with a base laser.


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"Defend your land from invading creatures in Defense High! Place diverse towers strategically, mine enemy paths, collect coins, and upgrade towers for more power. Face challenging waves and bosses, use special abilities, and save your people in this action-packed Tower Defense game!"

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Peekaboo — Hide & Seek Online. Players are divided into two teams: props and hunters.Props take the form of objects and adopt their physical properties, and hunters are trying with all their might to find them.

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"Tavern Cards" is a strategic card-battling adventure! Liberate cities by defeating demons in their taverns. Build a powerful deck, face unique challenges, and unravel the mystery behind the invasion. Can you conquer the demons and save the cities?

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Maxim Bludnev helps his father, who got into a mess. A funny 2D Quest that will show a simple story with black humor and interesting details!

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Manage your team of Heroes and Crafters while upgrading your Castle in Royal Merchant! A blend of RPG, clicker, idler, and management gameplay with epic quests, crafting, and conquering bosses. Master the trade, outfit your Heroes, and grow your trade empire.

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POLYGON is a tactical multiplayer team 1st person shooter. Using various weapons, you will battle with up to 32 players on large-scale maps. Properly managing your arsenal and skills, you will lead your team to victory!

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Hit the pedal, run out the offroad.

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"Survive and thrive in the desert! Lead a group of colonists, build a thriving colony, gather resources, craft tools, and research technologies in 'The Last City' - a challenging survival strategy game."

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Join Sir Christopher on a magical cake-delivering quest. Solve puzzles, face mythical creatures, and protect the cake. Enjoy the enchanting journey of Sir Christopher.

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Stay Out - is a MMORPG with shooter elements, based on spirit of “stalking” - an urban exploration, searching and exploring mysterious, abandoned and forgotten by humanity pieces of our planet.

Image for The Mildew Children: Chapter 1

Featuring a blend of 2D adventure and visual novel. Chapter 1 is the very beginning of the grim tale about a village inhabited only by children who follow savage pagan traditions. A young witch Kyrphel, along with her sisters, are bound to perform a macabre Ritual in order to save their village.

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Dive into a world of puzzles, medieval mysteries, and strategic challenges. Navigate, solve, and leap your way through a thrilling adventure.

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