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Image for Halloween Trouble 2
Halloween Trouble 2

Jan 31, 2021





Halloween Trouble 2 is a family friendly Match-3 game with fun challenges and mini games for extra fun! Complete fun match3 puzzles and help Granny restore her cottage so she can celebrate Halloween!


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Image for Wildlife Match

Jungle animals are going missing and Agent Blonde is on the case! Help her and her friend, Professor Fox, get to the bottom of the mystery! Match fun animal shapes, complete missions and face down powerful monsters on your quest to save the jungle!

Image for Skydrift Infinity

Skydrift Infinity is an action-packed arcade game focusing on the experience of flying alone, and with others, in a light, quick, fast-paced style.

Image for Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX

The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, with brand new content and various DLCs! "Atelier Sophie" is the 1st instalment: a chance encounter between Sophie and a sentient book Plachta takes them on an adventure to recover Plachta's memories.

Image for Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX

The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, with brand new content and various DLCs! "Atelier Firis" is the 2nd instalment: after Firis encounters alchemy and is able to leave town, she is taken on a magical journey that has no limits.

Image for Ultimate Summer

A mix of tower defense with classic shooter. Gather resources, place traps, build towers, and buy weapons to exterminate waves of United Forces of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Cthulhu, Carnivores and Aliens.

Image for Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX

The definitive edition of the Atelier "Mysterious" series at a new price, with brand new content and various DLCs! "Atelier Lydie & Suelle" is the 3rd instalment: after discovering a mysterious painting, Lydie & Suelle get closer to their dream of running the best atelier.

Image for Angkor: Runefall

Save an magical village in this extraordinary Match-3 game! Use the ancient runes to cast magic and defeat the dark powers.

Image for Gaslamp Cases: The deadly Machine

Morgan Johnson is one of Londons finest police detectives. Help him and his partner Jack in this brand new Macht-3 game to solve a thrilling murder case.

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Exciting Match 3 resort construction in Miami! Master linked boards, discover hidden obstacles and choose from various buildings which impact your gameplay experience.

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Challenging adventurous match-3 game! Help Jason find valuable artifacts and save his father!

Image for Mystika 4 : Dark Omens

Sarel, a power-hungry dragon, stole the book "Dark Omens" causing the activation of an ancient inter-dimensional portal located north of Lumina, allowing evil creatures to invade the world.Help Alrik and Tenebria seal this gate! Explore the world of Lumina through 160 magic levels.

Image for Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master

Are you fond of magic potions and haunting creatures? Well, join in this unforgettable journey to the roots of magic! Traverse the Forbidden Forest, find extraordinary potion ingredients, and master their magic properties in this thrilling match 3 game.

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