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Bone N Soul

Aug 11, 2023


Chan Mee


Chan Mee

Bone N Soul is a two player metroidvania. Cast spells and bombard your enemies in ranged combat or become more personal and possess your enemies to advance through a place where desire reigns.


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Image for BellyBots

Ladies and gentlemen. Load your guns!Teleport into our roomscale reimagination of an 80s arcade action game. Warning:You will have to move... A LOT! :D

Image for Cellosseum

Cellosseum is a bullet heaven following the progress of a lone cell as it battles a variety of enemies on its quest to guide the evolutionary process of life itself. Upgrade your attacks, shields, health, and speed to understand your role in the creation of life on the planet of Ceres Prime.

Image for Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait is a short exploration game on a island filled with chickens in a dream. Enjoy observing the growth of chickens through four seasons, dancing chickens, and others in the coop.

Image for Lilith

Do you enjoy non-stop, high-intensity, combat while fighting hordes of enemies? Come play Lilith and find yourself engulfed in this experience!

Image for Witchpunk

Play as a skateboarding witch who battles against a tyrannical corporation seeking to destroy Halloween. Gain speed on your skateboard and use your hammer to deliver devastating melee attacks!

Image for Project Asteroids

I have no feelings. I have no fear. I don’t know where I am, only my aim. I must work. And I’m working. My modules are outdated, but as long as they are, I’m useful. My body is rusted, but as long as I can move, I’m useful. I’ll hold on to the stone and live. I have no feelings. I have no fear.

Image for Angeldust

ADVENTURE. ANYWHERE! Explore endless magical worlds and battle fearsome creatures alongside millions of friends. Ride your own horse, bear or moa and discover the many game world wonders. Unleash your imagination by crafting beautiful buildings.

Image for Pogglewash

A 3D platformer in which you play as a robot on an alien planet cleaning up polluted goop while interacting with cute creatures named Pogglewonks.

Image for How To Punish A Witch

"Witches tortured me in the past... now I have returned to seek revenge." Not only there are witches and warlocks in the world, they blend into the human society and live with us. Are you one of them?

Image for Train Simulator: NEC: New York-New Haven Route Add-On

The sprawling Big Apple and the bustling city of New Haven come together in the exciting new NEC: New York-New Haven route for Train Simulator, featuring many of New York’s famous landmarks and advanced signalling throughout.

Image for Noah Please!

Dash and whack your way through waves of animals that want a piece of that ark. There's only room for two of each!

Image for Heavy Metal Babes

Heavy Metal Babes is a turn-based RPG strategy game featuring classic mechanics infused with steamy H-Scenes and an engaging action-packed gameplay. Build your team of hot XEN units, command them into battle and defeat your opponents in epic robot battles!

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