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Image for Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1
Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1

Aug 16, 2022


Sylvain Harlaut, Jeremy


Sylvain Harlaut

Live the adventures of Vesper, the comic book heroine, through a video game mixing role-playing, tactical and card game features, with graphics mingling traditional watercolor drawings and pixel art. Come and discover the world imagined by Jérémy.


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Image for Love of Magic Book 3: The Return

Love of Magic is an Urban Fantasy Erotic VN/RPG about discovering your destiny, finding true love and becoming a God. Book 3 is the final part of the trilogy.

Image for Retired Hero Gets Slaves

Adult-Only Fantasy Visual Novel featuring 6 girls, plenty of choices, comedy, and sex in exciting story!

Image for Blacken Slash

Hack and slash through a corrupted retro computer system in this challenging roguelite with turn-based combat and tons of loot.

Demo available Store
Image for Butterfly again

In a world where not everyone has magic, the kingdom is suffering from an infestation known as "Insect Demon". But only those who can use magic can see the Insect Demon...

Image for Renryuu: Ascension

Renryuu is an adult fantasy RPG, with country managment features and an open world to explore.

Image for Hot Cleopatra

The scorching sun of the desert pleasantly warms the skin, and the air is filled with the aroma of flowers growing near the palace. The mistress of seas, sands, and hearts is ready to travel the Nile.

Image for Spire of Glory

Surpass the challenges of the Spire. Your legacy begins now. Prove your worth.

Image for Phantom Alchemy ~Silvia's Dynamic Urban Planning~

In order to make up for the corruption committed by her father, Silvia had to help the development of the border city as an alchemist. But if she wants to use alchemy, she must convert the spiritual power of residents into energy.

Image for Love of Magic Book 2: The War

Love of Magic is an Adult Visual Novel / RPG set in an Arthurian Urban Fantasy world. You've found True Love, you've glimpsed your Destiny. Now it's time to wage the War you were born to fight. Book 2: The War continues the story of the Knights of the Lake from Book 1: The Crown.

Image for BlackberryNOVA

BlackberryNOVA: A yuri visual novel about a girl whom graduated from high school and is now preparing herself as she enters college.

Image for 无路可退

No Way Back is a platform and shooting game that you can't stop, if you like speed and challenge, I think you shouldn't miss it.

Demo available Store
Image for My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life

A strange incident turns the life of an ordinary young man upside down when, having fallen asleep on a regular train commute, he wakes up in another country... in a body of a Japanese student! An unforgettable summer adventure awaits, promising many fateful meetings and momentous occasions.

Demo available Store
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