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Freezer Pops

Oct 22, 2021


Male Doll


Male Doll

Freezer Pops is a bara visual novel where you play as a game developer in Brazil trying to pay the house rent. Walk around the neighborhood and the beach, Meet datable guys, Get Ready for COMPETITION! Can you beat an old lady who has a freeze pops family empire? Which of the boys will help you?!


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You can play as a newcomer to the town starting a new life and date the 12 uncles

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A traditional jigsaw puzzle mixed with a unique gay story. Experience an erotic atmosphere in a medieval world, Complete the puzzles, and Have very hot sexual encounters.

Image for Blood and Lust

A short free bara visual novel with Roman gladiators and a murder mystery!

Image for Robin Morningwood Adventure - A gay RPG

Robin Morningwood Adventure is a gay (bara) RPG video game where you play an adventurer, discovering Whellcum, a gay village.

Demo available Store
Image for Gachi-Natsu/ガチムチでドスケベな家庭教師のお兄さんと過ごす夏

It was a sweltering hot day when I met him. During summer vacation, a young man who had failed his university entrance exam received a tutor to help him with his studies. He started living together with a handsome, muscular man, but! He is a cock-loving, energetic, and dirty tutor!

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Image for Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season

Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season is a Gay Adult / Yaoi Visual Novel that features the adventures of Scoutmaster Yoshinori Nagira after the events of ‘Camp Buddy’ during the off-season. Help Yoshinori with his decisions and create a special bond with your chosen partner. Forever it’s our Buddy Oath!

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The acclaimed gay dating sim. Have a sweet, sexy, or bizarrely comedic adventure with the man of your choice!

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Play as a workaholic young adult who finds romance in an unexpected place, an all-male massage parlor.

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Image for Mister Versatile: A Gay Superhero Visual Novel

A gay superhero visual novel! The Lone Wolf Mister Versatile thinks super teams are a pain in the ass, but four super-hotties have decided they want to watch his back anyway! Date a villain, a rookie, a symbiote, and a superman-ish alien. Loaded with explicit CGs.

Demo available Store
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KnightsCollege is a kemono visual novel set in the Knight College, where elite knight candidates live. In this game, every choice is presented as a card, and the protagonist lives in the dormitory while collecting cards.

Image for Furry Heroes

Unscramble the tiles to release a unique hero, Follow the magic patterns To Remove their Body Curses before time's up, and Perform a "magical extraction". But DON'T FORGET! To be sure the curse was completely removed, you need to check their "natural bodies". Enjoy fully animated heroes.

Image for Bring me a man, Santa

Meet some guys from the Male Doll family through a short and free music game. Feel the boys' bodies, Remove their clothes, and don't forget to say: Santa, could you bring me a man?! It's Xmas time!

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