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Cross Maid

Aug 20, 2021




双叶小组, NVLMaker

互相认错性别的两人,机缘巧合之下开始同居生活 产生羁绊到互相依恋再到自我怀疑,温馨欢乐的短片小故事


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Image for Cross Princess

Single route visual novel. Belle is actually a boy, an accident lets him and a bright girl named Bambi begin to live together, a warm and healing friendship + love story.

Image for Dream Ending

This is a small tale from the end. The leftovers of mankind are destined to perish as the Arks break orbit. Suddenly, however, she's making me ask her out, an invitation to face the apocalypse together... a short but exquisite visual novel, "Dream Ending" is humanity's last love story.

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On the snowy mountain, in the wooden hut, we are tied together by the world. She and "I" can only love each other, we cannot be separated. Is this free affection, or manipulated love? A short visual novel with multiple endings, "Tiny Snow", a story with two girls, and you who know what love is.

Image for Epiphyllum in Love

Final chapter of the trilogy. In a world where memory can be controlled, everyone is selling their souls. "I" have left everything behind, except the girl named Yin who still remains in my mind. At the end of my life, should I die with a beautiful fantasy, or go in search of sad memories of her?

Image for 恋爱绮谭 不存在的真相

《恋爱绮谭~不存在的真相~》是一款文字冒险游戏。 初到江城的顾唯,意外成为了一起社会新闻的主人公。凶险的都市中,他需要在混乱的舆论和虚假的情报中找到唯一的真相,也需要在两名各有千秋的少女间完成自我的抉择。秋去冬来,覆盖城市的厚厚积雪下,究竟掩藏着什么样的秘密......

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Image for Season of 12 Colors

--The way it was, Just like it is now, On a bright, bright summer day. "That's a promise, right?" The girl in a white dress said. Sunny sky. A paper plane slid across it, riding on blue winds.

Image for 第七号列车 - Train No. 7


Image for Vampires' Melody

3 centuries have passed after sleeping for one night!? On a rainy night filled with thunderstorms, a young chef Raylan encountered a mysterious girl who resembled Sleeping Beauty in a huge tree hole, but everything suddenly went black before he could find out what happened...

Image for Last Days

The gods have blessed New Canaan for four hundred years, and everyone - including Sister Ginsetsu - thought it would go on forever, until the day Ginsetsu met the gods of New Canaan. Since then, the story between the maiden who calls herself a god, and the maiden who will become a god has begun.

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Image for Coffee flavor of love 咖啡甜恋

Sweet love begins in the coffee shop. Office romances of coffee shop employees. This is a visual novel game with two endings.

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