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Image for Funny Business with My Precious Coach (Anipuzzle Series)
Funny Business with My Precious Coach (Anipuzzle Series)

Sep 24, 2020


Almond Collective



Solve the puzzle for a chance to see a video. "Anipuzzle Series"!


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Image for Wish

Soma, driven by destiny, begins his quest to save his home, Israfil Continent, which trembles in fear of an evil empress… Elf Pontifex, princess knight, the first vampire, etc , with the many beautiful women waiting for their stories to unravel, what will happen in the end of this adventure...?


Welcome to the Isekai, world of cute Anime Girls! Isekai Quest! is a Moe-Puzzle RPG game. In this Harem World, the story between you and girls begins.

Image for Cute Honey

This is a casual game. The girl in the game has different CGs and a variety of costume props. There are two different forms on the cute girl. The secret hidden on the girl is waiting for you to discover.

Image for Queen's Glory

The "SLG+ADV" game of operating the country, features the voices of two female characters throughout the whole game. The objective is to lead the dying Norman Kingdom toward prosperity Poor choices will cause the Queen to be humiliated by all sorts from the enemy...

Image for GLASS

Bring together desires that are scattered into bits and pieces. And discover the secrets of the 'World of Glass'.

Image for Succubus Waifu

Erica and John are Newlyweds, and lived a variety of sweet and loving cohabitation after honeymoon.John recently took a big project and was very tired after work. Erica decided to support John with her own succubus ability. They worked together to usher in a bright future.

Image for Rebirth:Mr Wang

This is a plot game that uses mouse clicks to interact and level puzzles. The game has beautiful graphics and interesting plot. Use your wisdom to help your neighbors!

Image for LEWDAPOCALYPSE Hentai Evil

It's a game about Zombies, Viruses, Love, Sex and Evil Corporations. You'll have to force your way to safety through lots of Zombies, Monsters and Lusted Cocks and Pussies! And don't forget the PENESIS! ADULTS ONLY!

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Image for Yogurt!

“YOGURT” is a clicker, with many beautiful naked girls in different poses. In the game there will be many hentai pictures fallin and you should click on all of them. “Yogurt” will be shaping up to be one of the best animated hentai games!

Image for Jerez's Arena

Glenn is a slaveowner who values money over one's life. He won the bid for Claudia, the daughter of a former noble family, the Quinel, at an auction.To exchange for her freedom, Claudia promised to earn money for Glenn, and agreed to fight in the sinister arena.

Image for Action Taimanin

An intense, gorgeous hack-and-slash action RPG from the Taimanin fame!

Image for Cute Honey 2

This is a casual water catching game. The girls in the game have different CGs and a variety of costumes and props. A new storyline and voice text have been added to the game. You can learn about the girls' stories through various clues. The secret hidden in the girl is waiting for you to discover.

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