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Colossus Down

Dec 16, 2020


Mango Protocol


Mango Protocol

Join forces with Nika, MechaNika, Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig in this peculiar and crazy mission of destruction of everything that isn't cool.


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CLeM is a narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with a dark twist. Wake up in a world where puzzles intertwine with exploration, weaving a unique narrative rooted in alchemy. A voice awakens you. It gives you purpose. To guide you, you find a notebook with mysterious entries and a house to explore.

Image for Agatha Knife

Embark on a whimsically twisted adventure with Agatha, a child torn between her love for eating meat and her friendships with animals. Join her as she discovers religion and creates her own, Carnivorism, to convince animals that the sacrifice of their flesh is the secret to their eternal happiness.

Image for MechaNika

If it's not cool, it will disappear. If you're not cool, hide. MechaNika is here.

Image for Radical Rabbit Stew

Radical Rabbit Stew is a hare-raising action-arcade game, featuring fast-paced whack-a-rabbit gameplay, scintillating puzzles, super-sized boss fights, juicy pixel graphics and a sizzling soundtrack, perfect for new players and 16-bit retro fans alike!

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Image for Mail Mole + 'Xpress Deliveries

Mail Mole is a charming 3D platformer featuring Molty, the fastest delivery mole, in his quest to save Carrotland from disaster! Explore magical worlds, make new friends, race against Mecha-Moles, find collectibles, solve puzzles and deliver awesomeness to the end of the world!

Image for Lil' Guardsman

Imagine you're a 12 year old, suddenly in charge of the guard shed at the castle gate, where you decide if elves, goblins and 100+ other characters should be admitted. It's a wonderful combination of deduction, narrative and puzzle games.

Image for Hoyeonjigi

'Hoyeonjigi' is a point-and-click adventure game with a beautiful pixel art. Play as the water strider Hoyeon, the guardian of the pond, who takes a journey to meet the Buddha with a small lotus flower.

Image for Summoner's Mess

You've made a mistake trying to summon a beast from the depths. Explore a huge manor to solve your mess. Can you find the sacred grimoires before being consumed by the darkness?

Image for AK-xolotl

The cutest, deadliest and ONLY top-down roguelike shooter featuring AK-wielding Axolotls. Blast your way through the animal kingdom with an arsenal of kick-ass guns, mighty power-ups and even raise an army of trigger-happy baby axolotls.

Image for Lynn , The Girl Drawn On Puzzles

[] In this Oriental Painting, there are many mazes and monsters created by the Nine-tailed Fox.Let's safely guide Lynn back home by moving the puzzle pieces drawn on top of the Oriental Painting.

Image for Chasing Light

'Chasing Light' is the story of the seven days of exploring the physical properties of a game and uncovering an inner world of human beings and society. Have a weird trip!

Image for Piko Piko

Take control of Piko, our hammer wielding heroine, as you bash things up with a big hammer in this cute Anime-styled 2D metroidvania-inspired adventure! Uncover mysteries! Beat the bad guys who do naughty things! Explore the Piko Piko world with her floof fox friend!

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