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Image for The Dead End
The Dead End

May 13, 2022




Kagura Games

An ancient witch, a living dungeon, an undead curse, and a lost Holy Maiden. Greater men than you have fallen in the cursed dungeon of Witchhome. What awaits you in the depths? Fame? Or infamy?


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Image for The Heart of Darkness

Explore the Sanctuary of Darkness, a mysterious dungeon beneath the Kingdom of Haillard. Obtain the soul of the Cursed Saintess waiting in its depths and unravel the truth of this strange world in this sinister turn-based RPG.

Image for The Triumphant Return of Diabolos

Many years after humanity came together to defeat the Demon Lord, a young man trained to become an imperial knight. One day, however, he was confronted by a mysterious figure who said, "We have been looking for you, Demon Lord Diabolos."

Image for Re:BF

When a world is overwhelmed by new monsters, it's up to a single apprentice adventurer to set out on a quest and bring peace back to the land in this JRPG with fully animated combat!

Image for Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka 2

A classic style turn-based RPG. After a spike in crime in the neighborhood of Danmura, "Kamikaze Ouka" is asked to deal with the problem. Seeing how bad the situation has gotten, she agrees to fight the roaming gangs and restore peace to the neighborhood.

Image for Apostle: Rebellion

A sci-fi, turn-based RPG. Humanity has reached a point where the majority of people opt to become cyborgs called Roids. However, social inequality is once again at a breaking point.

Image for Knights of Messiah

A long time ago in a faraway land, three world powers tear each other apart in a never-ending war. Can Mordouna, a free country, survive? Follow its heroes and find out.

Image for Samurai Vandalism

The land of Yamato is filled with cruel rebels, oppressive nobles, and dangerous monsters. Fight as a Hozuki samurai to bring justice to the land!

Image for The Demon Lord is New in Town!

A Resource Management Adventure Game -- Play as Van, a demon lord who has had his power sealed, and has been banished to the world of mortals. Make friends and work towards regaining your former glory!

Image for Hot Spring Hero

It's a hot spring hotel in the mountains. Goofy hostess, greedy dog ear cook, and cat ear fisher, even the goddess of hot spring were involved, to revive this hot spring hotel! The adventure life with lovely heroines day and night, is waiting for your coming!

Image for Tower of Ardia

Relia challenges the dungeon tower of Ardia in hopes of finding a cure for her sister's weakened body. However, the tower is cursed with the witch Ardia's powers, and it will be no simple feat for Relia to conquer the spire and attain the wish-granting magic to save her sister.

Image for Castaway of the Ardusta Sea

Going on another solo adventure, Aisha sets off by ship. Unfortunately, a sudden storm and the incursion of a giant sea monster hinders her path. Through the turmoil, she is thrown overboard and wakes up on an unknown island. Aisha must find her way home and survive the pirates and monsters that lurk both above ground and in the deep.

Image for Serafina and the Key to the Egg

After receiving a challenge which could determine the future of her village, if not the whole world, Serafina sets out for the city of Mirado. There she will have to do anything she can to take part in auction to win treasure of great power, the Key to the Egg.

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