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Image for Jumping Jax
Jumping Jax

Nov 16, 2020


Caos Creations


Caos Creations

Exploit interesting movement mechanics to chase after your teleporting cyber-corgi!


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Image for Chroma

Set out on a mission to stop the attacks of the tyrannical machines. Fight your way through a dystopian city and stop them. You are the city's only hope...

Image for Asteroids 44 (For Four)

Remake of one of the oldest arcade classics. Challenge yourself and advance through the levels filled with asteroids, power-ups and virtual bitcoins, that you can spend in the shop to get ready for what's coming. Get your friends and share the adventure together in co-op mode!

Image for Samurai Cooking

The rules are simple. Just cut the food.

Image for Don Flatus: Poop Hunter

After years of sending probes to Uranus, all the debris is now orbiting the planet as a ring of junk. The interplanetary commission has now sent a crack cleanup crew to clean the ring around Uranus. The team arrive at the planet and find that Uranus has been invaded by an alien presence!

Image for Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition

Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition is an extremely fast paced shooter, which mixes several modern mechanics into the classic zombie survival experience. This includes an economy; item looting; item management; quests; stats; and much more! Completely free with Steam.


Panzer Ball is a fast-paced 3D platformer inspired by the classic surf and bunnyhop game modes. Jump in and see how fast you can complete the courses in both single and multiplayer.

Image for Arcus

Defend the village from invading enemies in this third person story based game!

Image for Noise Hunters

Noise Hunters is an action stealth video game where noise is your tool, but also your enemy. Don't let them hear you, HUNT or be HUNTED.

Image for Worn Thin

Worn Thin is totally, definitely, absolutely not a rage game. You play as a medical pill, on a 3-D platforming quest to heal someone. Travel through a 100% totally accurate representation of the human body, in hopes to reach your goal!

Image for Lucidscape

Lucidscape is a 2D puzzle platformer with elements of exploration and combat. Jump in and conquer the nightmares as you explore fear-centric environments!

Image for Pocket Plants

Explore environments as a mushroom man, collecting, planting, and watering plants to level up and restore the area by clearing fog or restoring crystal light.

Image for Rising Hell - Prologue

Welcome to the first layer of hell! Climb out from the ever-changing abyss while you fight hordes of blood-lusting demons in this vertical platformer rogue-lite.

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