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Rhythm Race

Jul 22, 2021





A racing game in which you don't take the wheel. Get into the music rhythm and accelerate towards victory in this exciting mix of neon, rhythm and futuristic cars.


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Image for HoneyLand

Help Mr.Fluff to drink all the honey, and of course, reach the fabulous honey volcano! Your cards will direct Mr. Fluff in the right direction. Run! Jump! Fall on your stomach!

Image for Bunny's Trail

Do you have good memory? Observe the scene for a few seconds and memorize the position of the items. Avoid obstacles and collect all carrots.

Image for Shadow Walls

Kill a variety of enemies with your pistol or swing your bat. Collect letters while you trying to find your sister in dark atmospheric action top-down shooter 2D game.

Image for Stacker Puzzle

A new mechanic for a classic game. Stack the blocks until reach the level 10. You will need attention, precision and rapid reflexes.

Image for BasCatball Mars: Basketball & Cat

Play basketball. In Mars. With cats. Are you ready for the whole galaxy's hardest matches? Solve puzzles and win the Bascatball intergalactic championship!

Image for Slide Stories: Neko's Journey

Follow Nina and her cat, Neko, on a journey through beautiful places in this relaxing and minimalist slide puzzle game.

Image for Level 20

Do you be able to reach level 20? Level 20 is a Roguelike 2D platform game with 20 randomly generated levels, where you need to defeat hordes of robots and collect energy cells to stay stronger and reach the last level.

Image for Samurai Cat

Samurai Cat is a puzzle game based on checkers where you control Mr. Jack, a remaining cat in a world conquered by mice. Use cheese to lure the mice to vantage positions and help Mr. Jack eliminate them all with just one movement.

Image for Mey Rescuer

It involves mechanics of eliminating enemies and solving puzzles with the weapon that also puts blocks, while going through floating islands in your adventure

Image for Under Domain - Alien Invasion Simulator

Under Domain - Alien Invasion Simulator will surprise you with a Sci-fi turn-based game completely different from others. How about turning yourself into an Alien and planning an invasion to Planet Earth? You can secretly influence human history and build war machines to exterminate human beings.

Image for Math Hero - Minimalist Puzzle

MATH HERO is a relaxing puzzle game with simple mechanics.Use simple addition and subtraction operations to reach the endpoint.

Image for Break Space: Out of Bounds

Break Space: out of bounds is a game that will bring 80's nostalgia to today's modernity! Control a spaceship and prevent the Terran nation from being enslaved by the Marthians

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