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Image for Solenars Edge II: Aurora of The Seventh Dawn
Solenars Edge II: Aurora of The Seventh Dawn

Jun 8, 2020


Team Syukino


Team Syukino

Embark on a perilous journey to find your missing friends while battling multiple unknown threats as Thedo, as well as enroll in an elitist school dedicated to Raiken slaying as you try and find your way back home as Aionis.


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Image for Solenars Edge Rebirth

Three lost orphans band together to set out on a journey that transcends the boundaries of imagination and retrieve the pieces of a legendary gem, all while keeping the darkness at bay alongside a colorful cast of unique characters.

Image for Solenars Edge Heroes

Answer the call and fight! Choose your side-kick and form a team from over 60 playable characters as you fight to become the greatest Hero in all of Alcornagia.

Image for Mega Serval

Serval's friends are in danger and it's up to her to save the day! Progress through 12 action-packed platforming stages in this "Kemono Friends Project" derivative work!

Image for Fall Minamo

Save the lovely Minamo from flooding!

Image for Restoration

Two siblings; Oliver and Penello, answer their dying Grandma's wish and make their way to Phren Village. A seemingly peaceful village filled with tranquility. But on the inside, It is a village void of hope and on the brink of succumbing to despair and darkness.

Image for Hentai Sakura 🌸🌊

Hentai Sakura is a casual physics-based puzzle game. Challenge yourself to get 10 sex animated scenes with Live2D. Go on a fascinating journey through ancient Japan and our Samurai girls. Connect the balls by drawing lines to win!

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『Pathmaster』 is a free fantasy visual novel with multi endings and various heroines.

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Yggdra Resonanc (old Shining Maiden)'s cute girl jumping game~!

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Roguelite Overpowered Wizard Simulator. Slay hundreds of cultists using the power of ancient cards and your magical steampunk arsenal. Choose from a diverse set of cards to create unique, game-breaking builds and shoot down the horde trying to stop you.

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Eros Fantasy is an IDLE RPG game full of magic and sex. Travel through a fantastic world, meet, seduce the hottest humans, beastfolks, demon girls and mermaids!

Image for Castaway of the Ardusta Sea

Going on another solo adventure, Aisha sets off by ship. Unfortunately, a sudden storm and the incursion of a giant sea monster hinders her path. Through the turmoil, she is thrown overboard and wakes up on an unknown island. Aisha must find her way home and survive the pirates and monsters that lurk both above ground and in the deep.

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Immerse yourself in Hentai Senpai: Sukebe Nekomimi no Yoru, a FREE puzzle game featuring 16 sexy Nekomimi all in stunning 4K. Swap, rotate, and unlock new Nekomimi to play with. Prepare to be seduced by the sultry Sukebe Nekomimi no Yoru who await you!

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