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Blue Drifter

Jan 27, 2020


Sokpop Collective


Sokpop Collective

A gritty bounty hunter game. Play as a lonely drifter, fly across a rainy planet, and track down criminals to earn money.


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Image for Grey Scout

An atmospheric stealth game set on a rainy island. Step out of your boat, sneak through the lush meadows, and try to rescue as many guarded friends!

Image for deer hunter II

An archaeological survival game. Survive the desert, craft items, find remains of other players, and face your final challenge . . .

Image for bobo robot

A wacky metroidvania. ⚑ Meet weird characters, unlock new abilities and complete a mysterious mission . . .

Image for Klym

A 3D-Platformer about climbing buildings and finding ducklings.

Image for Pilfer

A stealth game in which the player explores a small town, breaks into houses, and steals silverware.

Image for helionaut

An open-world galaxy adventure game βœ¨πŸš€πŸŒ  Explore a procedurally-generated universe filled with diverse micro-planets, asteroid belts and UFOs. πŸ‘½

Image for Bombini

A game about bees trying to survive, collect pollen, sustain your hive, and watch out for scary spiders!

Image for jut

A game about beach hunting. Put trash in your belly, wear a stack of hats, and find every item to complete the game!

Image for Fishy 3D

An adventure game about a hungry fish 🐟 Dive, jump, swim and eat your way through a lush micro-world. Can you escape the polluted pond?

Image for WILD-9

Wild-9 is a short robot cowboy adventure.

Image for Simmiland

Simmiland is a god-like card game. In this game you indirectly influence a small civilization by manipulating their surroundings by playing cards πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ Playing cards on different biomes and objects will result in different findings. The way you play the game will define how mankind will develop!

Image for fishy

A game about a hungry fish 🐟 Eat to grow bigger, but watch out for fishes bigger than you! Grow big, strong and explore! Can you escape the pond?

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