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Relic Space

Mar 9, 2023


Fourfold Games


Fourfold Games

Experience deeply simulated, hex-based space combat as an elite starship pilot. Explore a ruined solar system, upgrade your ship, and lead your faction to greatness in this tactical, space RPG with 4X elements.


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Image for Zorbus

Zorbus is a fantasy-themed, tile-based, turn-based, traditional roguelike game.

Image for The Doors of Trithius

The Doors of Trithius is a RPG roguelike set in a randomly generated fantasy world. Fight monsters, avoid traps, collect loot, manage your wounds and more as you traverse the mysterious world of Enalia.

Image for Kingsblood

Autochess meets a grimdark RPG! Assemble a powerful guild, lead them through treacherous missions and dungeons, and unlock their true potential with smart combat decisions.

Image for Football Coach: College Dynasty

A true college football management game. Play as a coach or a school, recruit players, develop your team, and compete for national championships. Build a college football dynasty and become a coaching legend!

Image for Gem Wizards Tactics

Choose your faction and test your skill in this one-player tactical masterpiece, where positioning is everything! Clear forests, pave roads, knock enemies into pits, yank them out from behind their defenders, before the Business Demons burn it all down!

Image for SpaceBourne 2

Embark on a journey to greatness. Get ready for adrenaline-fueled battles and a chance to claim your place in the galaxy. Grab the controls of your ship, gear up for the fight, and unleash your ambition to conquer and build a new empire in the vastness of space.

Image for Great Houses of Calderia

Great Houses of Calderia is a Feudal Grand Strategy game focusing on family dynamics & stories. Use your family strengths to compete against rivals to rise in the ranks of Calderia - produce, trade, scheme, bribe, and battle to build your legacy of power!

Image for Caves of Lore

I created Caves of Lore because of my deep love for RPGs. This project took me 6 years to make and I learned a lot about coding, art, and storytelling. If you reach the end then be sure to let me know! Caves has deep combat, classic-styled pixel art, and (of course) LORE! 📖

Image for Deadnaut: Signal Lost

Deadnaut: Signal Lost is a sci-fi horror turn-based roguelike where loyalty isn't earned - it's installed. Scavenge derelict ships and abandoned moons filled with hellish creatures, brutal AI and insanity storms. Gather gear and upgrades to fight or evade the hi-tech supersoldiers hunting you down.

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Image for Mortal Glory 2

Manage a team of traveling gladiators in this turn-based fantasy roguelike. Find the best recruits, discover powerful item combinations and come up with clever tactics on the battlefield. The tournament awaits those who desire MORTAL GLORY!

Image for Dark Quest 3

A rogue-lite tabletop that mixes card based exploration with turn based combat. Create your party, draw adventure cards, roll dice and fight monsters to defeat the sorcerer and his magic.

Image for Netherguild

Netherguild is a turn-based tactical roguelite dungeon-crawler, where you command expeditions below the earth in a desperate attempt to cure a strange plague. Explore, camp, and fight as far as you can before heading back to resupply. What will you discover underground?

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