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By similar game tags

This recommender system provides recommendations based on game tags that exist on both entered game(s) and recommended games. Tag count/weight of all games are also taken into consideration to rank which recommended games should be shown first. SRec also shows top 5 most similar tags as explanation.
Example image of game tags

Example of game tags

Steam requires each product on Steam to have at least 5 tags. It enables this recommender system to recommend so many games, even unreleased ones. Although on the other hand, this recommender system is limited by
  • Tags given by developer/publisher.
  • Tags given by Steam users.
  • Tags which sometimes used interchangeably (e.g. “Story Rich“ and “Narrative“)

Smart recommender

SRec smart recommender provides recommendations primarily based on other Steam user preferences. Additionally, it also takes game tags, other game metadata and a global graph (which contains all Steam user preferences) into consideration. Technical details of SRec Smart recommender can be seen in this blog post.
Example image of user review

Example of user review

When we say Steam user preferences earlier, we refer to lists of positive reviews written by Steam users sorted by when the review was written. SRec Smart recommender doesn‘t use text review and other metadata (e.g. hours on record).