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Throw your stick-figure-self at cannonballs and airplanes in an upward pursuit of the eraser! Play cooperatively online to share the journey! Who's to say whether the company will help or hinder, though...
Review83.67%  2633  514
GenresAction, Free to Play, Indie
DemoNot available
  • Single-player
  • Multi-player
  • Co-op
  • Online Co-op
  • Partial Controller Support
Release dateDec 15, 2021
Supported OSWindows
Steam Deck Compatibility

Some functionality is not accessible when using the default controller configuration, requiring use of the touchscreen or virtual keyboard, or a community configuration

This game sometimes shows mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam-Deck controller icons

Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard

In-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck

This game's default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck

Required age


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    Game tags
    3D Platformer145Difficult138Online Co-Op135Indie132Free to Play127Multiplayer126Action114Minimalist110Combat108Souls-like108Stylized105Co-op102Platformer88Hand-drawn84Third Person833D782.5D63Singleplayer59Parkour58Surreal54

    Last update: 2024-07-04 (General data), 2024-07-04 (Steam Deck compat.), 2024-07-16 (Review data)

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